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President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a bill that finalizes the seven-state drought contingency plan. Trump took to Twitter to announce the finalization of the plan and thanked Sen. Martha McSally for “getting it done,” adding that it’s a “big deal” for Arizona. McSally sponsored a measure last week that was a mirror to one presented in the house by Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Tucson. Gov. Doug Ducey also took to Twitter to congratulate both Grijalva and McSally, and to thank Trump for signing the measure into law. “This is GREAT NEWS and a crucial action that moves DCP one step closer to full implementation,” Ducey said on Twitter. Grijalva and McSally’s resolutions were in part a response to a bill backed by the Bureau of Land Reclamation that would authorize the DCP with modified terms that many of the stakeholders disagree with. The measure that Trump signed will make the federal government enact the plans that were worked out between the seven states: Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, California and New Mexico. Mexico is also a part of the DCP. JEROD MACDONALD-EVOY READ MORE