AT&T Cybersecurity Launches New Managed Solution to Help U.S. Federal Agencies Modernize and Protect their IT Infrastructure

AT&T | November 18, 2021

U.S. Federal Agencies
What's the news? AT&T* has launched an integrated, managed cybersecurity solution to help U.S. federal agencies modernize and protect their IT infrastructure in compliance with Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0 cybersecurity guidance. AT&T Government Trusted Internet brings together software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology, security capabilities and fiber connectivity in a 24/7 managed solution through a single provider. The comprehensive, scalable solution integrates with the AT&T Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service, extending highly secure remote access to federal agency workers and branch offices.

Why is this important?
As federal agencies increased their adoption of mobile and cloud technologies in 2020 to support telework, cyber risks and requirements changed. These changes prompted new TIC 3.0 guidance from the federal government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to protect federal data and networks and provide visibility of cloud and remote users.

The need for federal agencies to modernize their IT infrastructure also increased this year with the White House Executive Order (EO) on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity in May. The EO calls for bold changes and investments to improve the cybersecurity posture of the federal government including moving to Zero Trust. Zero Trust is a security framework requiring all users, whether in or outside the organization's network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before being granted or keeping access to applications and data.

What makes this new cybersecurity solution different?
AT&T is a trusted network provider to U.S. federal government agencies, helping them maximize network efficiency and performance no matter where they are on the network transformation continuum. 

AT&T Government Trusted Internet meets federal agency requirements for highly secure remote connectivity supporting remote users and branch offices. The solution optimizes network performance while allowing government agency users to connect directly to the internet to access cloud-based applications in a highly secure manner. It provides centralized network visibility across users, devices, and locations to monitor users whether they are on or off the network to reduce security risks. These capabilities allow federal agencies the flexibility and speed they require as they modernize their IT infrastructure.

AT&T Government Trusted Internet delivers threat analysis and correlation through the AT&T Security Operations Center and AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange® global threat sharing community to help federal agencies monitor and reduce ongoing cybersecurity risks.

The solution includes additional capabilities such as Zero Trust Network Access to provide highly secure remote access to applications, data, and services based on clearly defined access control policies.

When will this new cybersecurity solution be available?
AT&T Government Trusted Internet is immediately available to U.S. federal agencies.

Chris Kissel, Research Director, Tier 2 SOC Analytics, IDC
"Federal agencies want to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and comply with TIC 3.0 and the Executive Order, but they also want as little friction as possible. What I see as compelling about AT&T Government Trusted Internet is it considers all of the possible use cases including remote workers and the practical implementation of Zero Trust. Additionally, the AT&T Security Operations Center and AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange provide monitoring and security insights."

"The shift to telework and increased cyber threats have created urgency for federal agencies to enhance the security of their IT infrastructure. AT&T Government Trusted Internet helps federal employees to efficiently connect to remote agency networks and cloud environments in a highly secure manner while continually managing risks."

Brandon Pearce, AVP, Product Marketing Management, AT&T

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On Thursday, 23rd June there will be a referendum. It’s your opportunity to decide if the UK remains in the European Union (EU). It’s a big decision. One that will affect you, your family and your children for decades to come.

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