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AvePoint Online Services for the US Government Receives FedRAMP Approval

AvePoint, the leading supplier of data storage systems for the Microsoft cloud, announced today that the AvePoint Online Services cloud platform has received FedRAMP authorization.

AvePoint Online Services' security controls have been rigorously tested, and its SaaS solutions have been certified for use in all federal agencies at the moderate impact level.

AvePoint Online Services is a software-as-a-service solution for migrating, maintaining, and securing data in Microsoft 365, enabling government departments to be consistent with digital collaboration. This includes backup for Microsoft 365, records management, permissions management, Microsoft Teams/SharePoint workspace management, and other features.

The Department of Energy served as the agency sponsor, with Maria Levesque, director of records management, orchestrating the campaign on the agency side.

As a result of this approval, the Department of Energy will be able to modernize and simplify its approach to records management in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to conform with the M-19-21 NARA mandate.

AvePoint solutions are used by over 400 public organizations, including 163 federal agencies, to transfer, maintain, and protect their Microsoft 365 and SharePoint data.

"Agencies are using the Microsoft cloud and more sophisticated collaboration services in greater numbers than ever before. However, when they do so, too much data is generated in too many ways for traditional, manual compliance processes to handle "Taylor Davenport, AvePoint's Executive President of the US Public Sector, said, "By introducing automated solutions for managing, protecting, and securing their digital collaboration systems, agencies can achieve compliance in a more cost-effective and painless approach."

About AvePoint

AvePoint allows you to collaborate comfortably. In the Microsoft Cloud, its data processing solutions assist our diverse global client base in overcoming complex transformation, governance, and regulatory issues.

AvePoint, a five-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, has the only complete suite of SaaS solutions for migrating, managing, and protecting data in Microsoft 365. Their solutions are used by over 7 million cloud customers, including a fifth of the Fortune 500.



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