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CTI launches software integration and training services for government platforms

CTI, a leading government software and systems development company, is launching its new Training and Integration Services program. CTI now offers customized Team Awareness Kit/Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) and RaptorX training to improve and maintain TAK user proficiencies and provide custom integrations for third-party platforms requiring component integrations with TAK, Raptor, and Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) government platforms.

Training Services

CTI's Training Service will leverage the team's combined experience within Special Operations and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations to provide hands-on instruction of TAK and RaptorX to the end-user, maximizing mission success in the field. CTI trainers rapidly develop customized curriculums to meet mission requirements and conduct instruction both in classroom and field training venues to support the needs of the user community.

John Goodson, a Naval Special Warfare veteran and CTI's Director of Products, elaborates further on the need, "Every unit has several power users that maintain TAK proficiency across the team, but as the those individuals naturally transition into new roles, that knowledge leaves the organization, impacting mission readiness. The training services provided by our team of ex-military TAK and RaptorX subject matter experts fills that gap by expanding the team's knowledge and ensuring that it is consistently maintained regardless of personnel turnover."

Integration Services

With over 20 years of developing open, government-owned platforms, CTI is expanding its expertise to third-party partners that require integration of their unique technologies into government-open platforms. Offering this turnkey integration service enables our partners to focus on their technology value, leveraging CTI's experience navigating platform intricacies, government approval processes, and ensuring testing and validation is complete prior to new versions being released.

"From adding complex Electronic Warfare (EW) sensors into TAK within days at training exercises to full systems integration considering networks, protocols, sensors, emerging cloud infrastructure, and operational concerns informed by our veterans -- CTI is the impartial glue that makes things work smoothly for our Warfighters," says CTI's Product Solution Architect, Steven Turner. No matter how difficult the integration, CTI is ready to bring our experience to reduce developer and user frustration, ensuring the adoption of technologies into government applications across all warfighting domains and commercial markets that may benefit from open, government-owned applications.

About CTI's Solutions and Services
CTI's solutions are the preferred standard in the mission space due to the team's iterative, hand-on development with users, unique application of agile methodologies, and utility-driven design. CTI is focused on building solutions on open-source and open government-owned platforms. This corporate philosophy ensures that industry proprietary software or hardware tools do not stand in the way of the right capabilities being brought to bear in the field. Paired with our "Rapid" approach to solutions development, service delivery, and business execution, CTI continues to thrive in the defense marketplace. CTI is headquartered in California, MD and has offices in San Diego, Camarillo, and Santa Barbara, CA as well as Denver, CO, Honolulu, HI, and Chantilly, VA.



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