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Cyabra Listed on GSA Schedule Offering their Disinformation Detection and Sentiment Analysis SaaS to the Public Sector

Cyabra is pleased to announce today that it has been added to the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) by U.S. partners Winvale and Mosaic. Cyabra is the first and only tool available through GSA that combines social opinion analysis, deepfake, and disinformation identification in a single SaaS platform, allowing US government agencies to respond to evolving online threats in real-time.

Cyabra, based in Israel with offices in New York, enables private sector clients and government bodies to fight cyber disinformation in real-time, preventing and monitoring intervention in elections, government campaigns, public health crises, and other areas. Cyabra's GSA schedule is available from Winvale, a U.S. government contractor and consulting company that partners with reputable firms including Lowes, Palantir, Jacobs, and others.

“We understand the importance of government departments taking constructive action in the fight against misinformation and disinformation,” said Cyabra CEO Dan Brahmy. “Our mission is to keep the internet clean and truthful, and we are pleased to collaborate with Mosaic and Winvale to allow government agencies to protect public discourse and media consumption.”

GSA Schedule Contracts allow government buyers to invest more than $30 billion a year. The GSA is one of the most commonly used government contract vehicles because it simplifies government procurement and can be used by any federal entity as well as some state and local agencies.

The GSA Contract will allow Cyabra to extend, optimize, and solidify its technology footprint in the US public sector by utilizing strong relationships with various US government clients.

Currently, Cyabra's platform provides the following services to government agencies:

• Identification of behavioral patterns typical of fakes profiles such as bots, trolls, and sock puppets

• Real-time social media sentiment analysis

• Foreign language auto-translation functionality

• Detection of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), more commonly known as deep fakes, a class of machine learning bad actors used to create realistic images and videos

• Tracking and analysis of the dissemination of information, measuring how it spreads and creates snowball effects

About Cyabra

Cyabra is an advanced social analytics platform that prevents organizations from disinformation and assists accounts in today's ever-changing digital world. Cyabra connects dots and measures effects by breaking through the layers of online conversations in real-time. Customers can use the platform's powerful lens to understand narratives, discover trends, and engage true audiences. Cyabra was founded by a team of leading information warfare experts, and its executives use their skills to reverse engineer bad actor technology and research new media trends, assisting customers in keeping a track of online conversations and countering disinformation.



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