Federal Aviation Administration Announces Chosen Vendors to Set Technology Standards for New Drone-Tracking System

Federal Aviation Administration | May 08, 2020

  • The eight vendors will set the technology standards for FAA’s Remote ID program to track drones and their operators.

  • The rule created a framework for tagging drones with unique radio wave identifiers that are broadcast directly from the drone or over a Wi-Fi internet connection, depending on the method.

  • The FAA is still working to finalize the proposed Remote ID rule, at which time the agency will also announce the application requirements for potential service suppliers.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced the vendors chosen to develop the underlying technology and standards for tracking drones and their pilots as part of a new regulatory regime and marketplace.

In December, the agency issued a proposed rule to establish a system for remotely identifying unmanned aerial vehicles—more colloquially known as drones—called Remote ID. The rule created a framework for tagging drones with unique radio wave identifiers that are broadcast directly from the drone or over a Wi-Fi internet connection, depending on the method. That unique ID could be picked up by air traffic control towers, law enforcement and the general public to ensure a level of safety and accountability.

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The rule also established a marketplace of vendors—Remote ID UAS Service Suppliers, or Remote ID USS—to manage the ecosystem by ensuring each drone was assigned a unique ID and that the relevant data is available to those with authority to access it. Before FAA can create that marketplace, the agency needs to know exactly how it should be set up and what standards need to be met by all companies involved.

On Wednesday, FAA announced eight companies that will help the agency set those standards: Airbus, AirMap, Amazon, Intel, One Sky, Skyward (a Verizon company), T-Mobile and Wing (a Google subsidiary). These eight vendors will work together to develop the technology requirements that other companies will use as they build systems to manage the Remote ID system.


The FAA will be able to advance the safe integration of drones into our nation’s airspace from these technology companies’ knowledge and expertise on remote identification,

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

The FAA is still working to finalize the proposed Remote ID rule, at which time the agency will also announce the application requirements for potential service suppliers. Wednesday’s announcement says the agency will also begin accepting applications at that time.

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Massive upheaval and change took place both in the nation and Montana in the late 1960s, early 1970s. MHS Library Manager Brian Shovers details the way in which Anderson orchestrated the reorganization of state government—trimming state agencies/commissions from 161 to 19—and the rewriting of the 1889 Montana constitution.


Massive upheaval and change took place both in the nation and Montana in the late 1960s, early 1970s. MHS Library Manager Brian Shovers details the way in which Anderson orchestrated the reorganization of state government—trimming state agencies/commissions from 161 to 19—and the rewriting of the 1889 Montana constitution.

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QuSecure’s QuProtect Receives Top Govies Government Security Award for Cyber Defense

QuSecure | May 26, 2022

QuSecure, Inc., an innovator in post-quantum cybersecurity, (PQC) announced that its quantum orchestration platform, QuProtect, the industry’s first end-to-end post-quantum cybersecurity software-based solution uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using quantum secure channels, has been honored in The Govies Government Security Awards competition by Security Today magazine. QuSecure won the highest honor, the Platinum Award, in the Cyber Defense Solutions awards category. 1105 Media launched its government security awards program in 2009 to honor outstanding government security products in a variety of categories. An independent panel of judges from the security industry selected the top 2022 entries and named winners using criteria including Features, Innovation, User Friendliness, Interoperability, Quality, Design, Market Opportunity, Impact in the Security Industry, Technical Advances, and Scalability. Participation in the program was greater than ever this year as government security continues to be an ongoing and growing concern. At QuSecure we are very concerned with National Security and therefore Government is a significant sector for us. It is rewarding for QuProtect to be recognized with this award, particularly from an independent panel of security industry experts. Our QuProtect solution will enable government organizations to remain in compliance with the major government security initiatives we have seen coming, as the industry accelerates toward a quantum future. QuProtect uniquely combines QuSecure’s broad-based quantum and post-quantum technologies providing secure, interoperable cybersecurity to protect government organizations’ networks from quantum threats today and into the future.” Skip Sanzeri, QuSecure Founder and COO QuProtect provides quantum-resilient cryptography, anytime, anywhere and on any device. QuProtect uses an end-to-end quantum security as a service (QSaaS) architecture that addresses the digital ecosystem’s most vulnerable aspects, uniquely combining zero-trust, next-generation post-quantum cryptography, quantum-strength keys, high availability, easy deployment, and active defense into a comprehensive and interoperable cybersecurity suite. The end-to-end approach is designed around the entire data lifecycle as data is stored, communicated, and used. QuProtect is the industry’s most advanced PQC solution providing quantum-resilience for many of today’s critical use cases, including satellite, network, and IoT communications. QuProtect can be hosted on-premise or via the cloud delivering the most compatible solution to the post-quantum problem, solving today’s most complex compliance challenges, such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and work-from-home policies. An organization can implement PQC across all devices on the network with minimal disruption to existing systems, protecting against current classical and future quantum attacks which could irreparably disrupt industries and infrastructures across government and commercial sectors. “The pandemic has wreaked havoc worldwide, but security manufacturers continued to work hard designing new security solutions for the government sector,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief, Security Today magazine and securitytoday.com. “This is truly a testament of dedication and vision to ensure the best products are available for government use. Manufacturers should be proud of their employees for providing the best solutions in these challenging times. We appreciate the opportunity to enhance the marketplace by honoring these award winners.” About 1105 Media’s Infrastructure Solutions Group 1105 Media’s Infrastructure Solutions Group includes several leading industry media brands that provide new product and technology solutions for security professionals: The brands’ print, digital, custom media and research products integrate physical and IT security coverage and provide the smartest, most cost-effective solutions for reaching security decision makers. About QuSecure QuSecure is an innovator in post-quantum cybersecurity with a mission to protect enterprise and government data from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Its quantum-safe solutions provide an easy transition path to quantum resiliency across any organization. The company’s QuProtect solution is the industry’s first PQC software-based platform uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using a quantum secure channel. QuSecure has current customer deployments in banking/finance, healthcare, space/satellite, IT/data enterprises, datacenters and various Department of Defense agencies. QuSecure is investor backed and has offices in Silicon Valley.

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BigBear.ai Awarded New Contracts

BigBear.ai | November 23, 2021

BigBear.ai , a leading provider of artificial intelligence ("AI"), machine learning, cloud-based big data analytics, and cyber engineering solutions, today announced that it has been awarded two new government contracts. The United States Army has awarded the Company one of two Global Force Management (“GFIM”) Phase 1 Prototype contracts. GFIM, part of PEO EIS's Army Data and Analytics Platforms (“ARDAP”) portfolio, collaborates with the Army G-3/5/7 to manage and deliver this prototype contract. In addition, BigBear.ai subsidiary, PCI, has been awarded a five-year, single award contract by the National Security Agency (NSA). Dr. Reggie Brothers, BigBear.ai Chief Executive Officer, said, “Together, these two new contract awards demonstrate our growing momentum among both new and existing customers as we approach our anticipated public listing later this year. We are proud to support our customers in executing their critical missions to keep our Nation safe.” Global Force Management Contract Under the terms of the GFIM contract, BigBear.ai will develop and demonstrate a platform that integrates force structure, readiness, mobilization, and requirements validation to meet service and Global Force Management requirements. This integrated planning, programming, and production capability will serve as the single-entry point for conducting force management activities for an Army "at rest" and “in motion.” The solution will be a transformational approach to the Army's ability to enable its Deploy to Redeploy and Retrograde of Materiel end-to-end business process from the enterprise to the tactical edge. BigBear.ai will deploy a No-Code/Low-Code (NC/LC) workflow automation platform in a configurable, scalable environment to fulfill the Army requirements. The resulting transactional capability will deliver automated workflow, robotic process automation, and AI/Machine Learning (ML) capabilities while saving person-hours, reducing IT spend, and subsuming a portfolio of 13 legacy systems. "BigBear.ai and our valued teammates are truly excited to partner with the Army G-3/5/7 and PEO EIS on this transformational program. When fully operational, this solution will support 160,000 users, including senior leaders and combatant commanders from company through division levels, enabling the Army to achieve decision dominance to make data-driven force structure decisions faster and with confidence." Ryan Legge, BigBear.ai Analytics Sector President National Security Agency Contract Under the terms of the NSA contract, BigBear.ai subsidiary PCI will support the development and implementation of strategic priorities and operations by gathering, interpreting, and translating federal executive-level strategic guidance into actionable initiatives aligned to appropriate organizational mission areas. Dr. Brothers stated, “This award continues the decade-long relationship that BigBear.ai has had supporting NSA in the development and implementation of strategy, plans, and guidance to gain a decision advantage for our Nation and to deliver next generation capabilities and solutions.” About BigBear.ai A leader in decision dominance for more than 20 years, BigBear.ai operationalizes artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale through its end-to-end data analytics platform. The company uses its proprietary AI/ML technology to support its customers' decision-making processes and deliver practical solutions that work in complex, realistic, and imperfect data environments. In addition, BigBear.ai's composable AI-powered platform solutions work together as often as they stand alone: Observe (data ingestion and conflation), Orient (composable machine learning at scale), and Dominate (visual anticipatory intelligence and optimization).

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Noblis Launches RunAcquisitions™ Solution to Help Federal Agencies Streamline Acquisition and Contract Management Processes

Noblis | August 24, 2021

Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government, today announced the launch of its RunAcquisitions solution designed to drive efficiencies and ensure compliance and fidelity throughout the federal acquisition process for both agencies and vendors. This is the second offering announced within Noblis' Run solutions suite designed to provide solutions that will help government agencies and clients employ automation and analytics to streamline complex workflows, expedite and improve decision making and achieve broader IT modernization goals. "Source selection and contract management can be a challenging and long-running process. It is too often conducted across multiple disjointed platforms, while also having to frequently face security threats and risks of protests," said Mile Corrigan, senior vice president, Noblis' Federal Civil Solutions. "Paired with Noblis' decades-long expertise in secure source selections and contract management, RunAcquisitions is designed to meet the unique needs we're seeing from our federal clients looking to standardize complex acquisition processes." RunAcquisitions, the modernized version of Noblis' acquisition suite successfully used in more than $450 billion in government programs, secures and manages vendor and government interactions across all aspects of the acquisition lifecycle, from requests for industry input through contract award and management and task-order closeout. RunAcquisitions is scalable to manage large, governmentwide contracts and provide automation tools to drive defensible awards and expedite contract modification and deliverable reviews. The solution has three offerings that meet FISMA-Moderate security requirements while assisting clients to control data through role-based access. These offerings include: RunAcquisitions Solicitation Management - Provides a solution for handling vendor proposals and managing all elements and data for evaluation submissions, including structured documentation, collaborative evaluations, with a secured repository, structured communication portals and automated pricing-evaluation tools. RunAcquisitions Contract Management - Utilizing automation to streamline the integrity of contract modifications and deliverables, this offering supplies a solution for tracking files and discussions, automating workflows, flexibly collecting data and managing contracts in a highly secure, compliant, timely and accurate manner with the solution's error-checking tools. RunAcquisitions Secure Environments - When a sequestered environment is required, this offering features multiple location support options, including virtual, physical and agency on-site resources, workstations, staff, security and office space. About the Run with Noblis Solutions Suite The Run with Noblis solutions suite addresses the evolving needs of federal agencies with the speed, performance and scale of digital solutions that create insights, automate workflows, streamline processes and drive greater outcomes. Learn more at noblis.org/run. About Noblis Noblis is a dynamic science, technology and strategy organization dedicated to creating forward-thinking technical and advisory solutions in the public interest. We bring the best of scientific thought, management and engineering expertise together in an environment of independence and objectivity to deliver enduring impact on federal missions. Noblis works with a wide range of government clients in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement and federal civil sectors. Together with our subsidiaries, we tackle the nation's toughest problems and apply advanced solutions to our clients' most critical missions.

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