Infinidat Announces immixGroup as Distributor for U.S. Federal, State and Local Government Agencies

Infinidat | December 08, 2020

Infinidat, the market's leading provider of multi-petabyte information storage arrangements, today declared that it has consented to an arrangement to disclose immixGroup its sector distributor, making huge new open doors for value-added resellers (VARs) to develop their business by selling Infinidat's demonstrated storage arrangements into the public authority market.

Under the particulars of the agreement, immixGroup will add Infinidat's storage stage and administrations to its U.S.- based bureaucratic, state and neighborhood government buying vehicles. This relationship makes accessible to government offices Infinidat's inventive securing model with versatile evaluating and adaptable alternatives, giving VARS a convincing value suggestion to enter and extend in the public authority market.

“As government agencies accelerate digital transformation, we are empowering our partners to build services and solutions on our proven, state-of-the-art platform to help government agencies reduce the risk, cost and complexity of their most important asset, their data,” said Mitch Diodato, Channel Sales Director at Infinidat “By forming a relationship with a leading distributor and broadening access through immixGroup’s contract purchasing vehicles, we’re providing differentiated storage solutions that are otherwise unavailable to government agencies and partners through legacy enterprise storage providers.”

With the expansion of Infinidat's foundation and administrations, immixGroup gains another appropriation relationship that gives market-leading storage arrangements. The resellers who are as of now lined up with immixGroup and are supporting government organizations presently approach Infinidat's answers and demonstrated client care and administrations. This makes it simpler for government organizations to secure demonstrated venture storage arrangements from Infinidat, which has had achievement in the business market for almost 10 years.

immixGroup, an Arrow Electronics organization, is a value-added distributor that helps innovation organizations work with the public authority. immixGroup empowers IT makers and arrangement providers to develop their public sector business and quicken the business cycle. Government offices trust immixGroup to give dependable admittance to a wide scope of big business programming and equipment items through their favored agreements and colleagues. Infinidat's recently shaped relationship with immixGroup is an expansion of its current relationship with Arrow Electronics.

About Infinidat

Infinidat helps enterprises and service providers empower their data-driven competitive advantage at scale. Infinidat’s software-focused architecture delivers sub-millisecond latency, 100% availability, and scalability with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than competing storage technologies. The company was founded by storage industry pioneer, Moshe Yanai, in 2011 and has shipped over 6.6EB worldwide to date.


The virtual private network (VPN) has been a powerful tool in the network security administrator’s toolbox for decades, because it has provided a means for remote computers to communicate securely across an untrusted network such as the internet. Whether for branch offices communicating with headquarters (siteto-site), or an employee working from home (remote access), the VPN provided a secure point-to-point tunnel back to resources on protected networks.


The virtual private network (VPN) has been a powerful tool in the network security administrator’s toolbox for decades, because it has provided a means for remote computers to communicate securely across an untrusted network such as the internet. Whether for branch offices communicating with headquarters (siteto-site), or an employee working from home (remote access), the VPN provided a secure point-to-point tunnel back to resources on protected networks.

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Zetron to Deliver Cyber Resilience Assessments and Roadmaps to Kansas PSAPs

Zetron | March 15, 2023

On March 14, 2023, Zetron, one of the leading communications technology and service providers, announced it has received a contract from the North Central Regional Planning Commission (NCRPC) of Kansas (USA). The contract offers cyber resilience roadmaps and assessments for the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) of 34 counties throughout the states. As the fiscal agent for six of the seven Homeland Security regions in Kansas, the Homeland Security/Emergency Operations unit of the Kansas Highway Patrol applies for and administers Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funding to subrecipients such as the NCRPC. State and local governments, including fire departments, police, and other public safety agencies, are increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks. As per the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), the public sector had the second-most cybersecurity incidents and the fourth-most data breaches among major industries in 2018. In addition, a 2021 Fastly report found that of all cybersecurity alerts, 45 percent are false positives that can be frequently difficult to distinguish from genuine threats and malicious behavior. This results in getting valuable time wasted during an emergency. Zetron, with SecuLore Solutions, a cybersecurity partner and local services partners, will finish cybersecurity assessments and roadmaps of selected thirty-four counties across Kansas, with its population from 600,000 to less than 1300 people. Each counties' assessment will identify threats and provide prioritized, actionable recommendations for remediating vulnerabilities and enhancing the county's cybersecurity risk posture. Following the contract terms, cybersecurity assessments and road maps for Kansas counties selected by NCRPC Regional Project Managers and the Planning Team will be completed in multiple phases through March 2024. About Zetron Zetron is one of the leaders in mission-critical communications technology worldwide. The company offers integrated solutions with exceptional reliability and support. It was founded in 1980 with decades of experience serving the public and private sectors and a sterling reputation for superior quality and dependability. Based in Redmond, Washington, it has customers across all seven continents and in a variety of industries such as transportation, public safety, utilities, the federal government, natural resources and more. In addition, it delivers purpose-built solutions to be always available wherever mission-critical communications must be uninterrupted.

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RGS Names Booz Allen Hamilton as Innovation Partner of the Year

Rancher Government Solutions | February 10, 2023

Rancher Government Solutions (RGS) named Booz Allen Hamilton the inaugural recipient of its annual Innovation Partner of the Year Award for its excellent leadership in providing DevSecOps services as well as vital technical expertise to the Air Force's Platform One initiative, which aims to advance and re-imagine the Department of Defense's (DOD) approach to software delivery. Rancher Government Solutions picked Booz Allen Hamilton for its expertise in advocating the adoption of Kubernetes and other cloud-native, open-source technologies to facilitate digital transformation and enhance mission success in the U.S. government. The partnership between Booz Allen and RGS on USAF Platform One is an excellent illustration of how these transformative technologies promote innovation and modernization inside the Department of Defense (DOD). RGS, in conjunction with Booz Allen and USAF Platform One leadership, is supporting the innovative work of the Air Force and the Department of Defense with its technical knowledge across a variety of Platform One value streams. Booz Allen, partnered with RGS as a key supporter of Platform One, is at the forefront of enterprise-wide software industrialization and innovation for DOD, the federal government, and private sector organizations that can leverage Platform One to accelerate delivery via continuous, reusable, flexible, and secure solutions. The U.S. Air Force has teamed with Booz Allen to commercialize Platform One's Big Bang product and Iron Bank container hardening services, accelerating the delivery of contemporary, secure mission capabilities at scale. Platform One's primary concept is that business software services must be open, vendor-agnostic, scalable, and interoperable, with continuous delivery and extensive security. The Air Force required an innovative solution that would enable it to assume complete control of its infrastructure, adopt open architecture across the organization, and engage with industry partners in wholly unusual ways. Platform One was created to pioneer this concept and revolutionize the DOD's software distribution approach. About Rancher Government Solutions Rancher Government Solutions is designed to address the security and operational requirements of the U.S. government and military through application modernization, containers, and Kubernetes. Rancher is a comprehensive open-source software stack for container-using teams. It tackles the operational and security concerns of maintaining numerous Kubernetes clusters at scale and provides DevOps teams with tools for executing containerized workloads. RGS presently supports projects throughout the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and civilian agencies with U.S.-based American citizens with the highest security clearances.

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U.S. Department of Defense Selects Intermap to Showcase Advanced AI/ML

Intermap Technologies, Inc. | February 13, 2023

Intermap Technologies (Intermap), a leading 3D geospatial products and intelligence solutions provider, recently announced that it has been chosen by the United States Department of Defense to advance to the next stage of a competitive process to showcase advanced technology for Geospatial Temporal Incident Data. Intermap was invited to showcase its newest artificial intelligence processing technology and illustrate how it can help the U.S. government with actionable, geo-precise data for planning processes and situational awareness after its prior proposal was vetted and assessed. Human-caused events (population disturbances, crime, riots and protests, and cybersecurity advancements) and natural hazard occurrences are included in Geospatial Temporal Incident Data. At the Thunderstorm 23-1 event in April 2023, Intermap will exhibit its capabilities and demonstrate its advanced technology to the Department of Defense. Intermap's digital tool combines machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms, natural language processing, proprietary, multi-sensor-derived terrain, global-scale, object, and feature catalogs, and open-source global data to track, identify, display, and notify interested parties of current international events, threats, and natural disasters. Its technology using ML/AI/NLP processing, analyses and precisely geolocates the danger level, categorizes each occurrence, calculates its footprint, and marks it on a map to enable actionable visualization for possible threats in a given region of interest. The generated information improves situational awareness and aids planning procedures by fusing, analyzing, and visualizing events and trends to present the U.S. Army with an enhanced common operation picture (COP). About Intermap Technologies, Inc. Intermap Technologies, founded in 1997, is a global pioneer in geospatial intelligence solutions, specializing in the generation and analysis of 3D terrain data to create high-resolution thematic models. The Company provides broad, complementary, multi-source datasets to clients through scientific analysis of geospatial information, processing technologies and proprietary sensors, allowing them to incorporate geospatial intelligence into their workflows effortlessly. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Intermap's 3D elevation data and software analytic capabilities enable worldwide geospatial analysis, providing companies with crucial information to understand their terrain environment.

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