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Klas Government to Support Increasing Number of Military Programs

Established in 1991, Klas Telecom first associated understudies in quite a while utilizing, ISDN and satellite innovation. The organization has developed to work across various areas from Government and Public Safety, to transportation and self-sufficient vehicles.

For more than thirty years, Klas has been making forefront innovation. In later occasions, Klas Government with their Voyager equipment, modules and programming, has taken this to the extraordinary - the outrageous edge of the organization.

Klas Government's Voyager product line takes the world's most powerful and reliable technology to the extreme, tactical edge of the network. "We go to extremes to make sure it works where nothing else will," says Chris Ericksen the company's CRO. "With value, simplicity and integrity built in, it gives our partners the power to do much more, much faster," he adds.

"As a company, Klas Government has evolved, our tech has become much more advanced and its capability has exponentially increased. Telecom no longer defines us as we continue to expand our offerings.  We wanted to update our branding to reflect that, so we're now Klas Government," said Ericksen, "We looked at an incremental tweak of our branding, but it just wasn't reflective of the leaps we've made with our work."

Klas Government has assembled their business on being by a wide margin the best tech to use in unforgiving conditions. They accept there are no awful conditions, you simply need better gear. They likewise accept no one approaches what they can do in this space. They state they give total arrangements that work in a way that is better than all else, faster than any other individual, and at a superior worth. Intense cases that are currently wearing a strong new brand character.

Given their most recent deliveries on the tech front, and their ongoing new business wins, it appears to be a decent an ideal opportunity for them to reevaluate their contribution and support it with another look. Initially, the new character appears to be less difficult, more grounded and more powerful, much like their unit.

About Klas Government

Klas Government provides rugged, low size, weight and power (SWaP) deployable communications solutions to meet the needs of government and military communicators in any operational environment. The company enables customers to communicate in extreme environments by delivering tactical and executive communications systems specifically designed for ultimate flexibility, scalability and portability.



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