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LifeOmic's Precision Health Platform for Government Achieves FedRAMP Ready Status

LifeOmic, the creator of the LIFE mobile apps, Precision Wellness, and the Precision Health Cloud platform, which are used at major medical and cancer centers, announced today that its Precision Health Platform for Government had achieved the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Ready status (PHP-G). PHP-G is a cloud and mobile platform that aggregates data for storage, analytics, and the development of predictive models.

Today's healthcare IT systems do not democratize data, making research and discovery more difficult. The LifeOmic PHP-G cuts down these silos while drastically speeding a wide range of precision health and wellness use cases, including clinical trials and health research. LifeOmic can now provide its safe and endlessly scalable mobile-to-cloud solution to government agencies to combine multi-omics and clinical data, conduct research, engage in telehealth coaching, and expedite discovery due to FedRAMP Ready status.

The LifeOmic PHP-G was designed by the same team that built one of Amazon Web Services' most complex cloud applications (AWS). It was developed as a cloud-first model, employing the most secure and scalable design principles, such as a zero-trust security model and serverless computing. Customers of LifeOmic can use the PHP-G to store, combine, and analyze data using any set of tools. The platform complies with HIPAA, is HITRUST CSF Certified, GDPR compliant, and CCPA compliant.

FedRAMP is a US government-wide initiative that provides a consistent cloud security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring. FedRAMP compliance indicates that a cloud computing system has developed and documented a highly secure environment that has undergone a thorough and rigorous review. The FedRAMP Marketplace lists authorized cloud service providers.

PHP-G is a few biomedical firms offering FedRAMP Ready mobile, biomedical informatics, data management, and machine learning solutions.

About LifeOmic
LifeOmic is a software company that uses the cloud, machine learning, and mobile devices to enable precise health and wellness solutions for employers, providers, researchers, healthcare IT, pharmaceutical companies, and people. The cloud-based software used by the company securely gathers, saves, and analyzes patient data to expedite the development and delivery of precision health treatments, disease management, and disease prevention. LifeOmic's enterprise product portfolio includes the Precision Health Cloud and Precision Health Platform for Government, both cloud and mobile-based sources for all patient data, including clinical data, whole genome sequences, gene expression levels, lab results, and medical images. Precision Wellness, a scientifically rigorous, employee-first corporate wellness solution, was also developed by the company. The LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting Tracker mobile applications; the LIFE Apps health resources website; Lifeology, health literacy, and education platform; and SkillSpring, which links health coaches and medical professionals specialists with consumers the company's consumer products.



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