Nearmap location data integrated into workflows of America's largest provider of Computer Assisted Mass Appraisals for properties

Nearmap | June 07, 2022

Local governments
The assessment of millions of properties by government officials and property appraisers in the U.S. will be hugely improved and streamlined following a powerful partnership by leading location intelligence and aerial imagery firm, Nearmap, and America's largest provider of computer assisted mass appraisals (CAMA) for properties, Tyler Technologies (Tyler).

Nationwide across the U.S., Tyler's mass appraisal, tax billing, and collections software solutions help to ensure fair and equitable property assessments and timely taxation of more than 97 million property 'parcels'.

The innovative partnership provides users with the most comprehensive property appraisal solution available in the U.S. By working with Tyler to streamline the overall appraisal workflow, Nearmap is helping Tyler's customers to complete multiple appraisals in the time it would take to physically visit one property. The solution will incorporate regularly updated, high-quality Nearmap aerial imagery and location data into the workflows of Tyler's mass appraisal system. This will deliver even more efficient and accurate property valuation and assessment processes, allowing users to remotely, and more easily, detect data changes and discrepancies in properties.

Local governments are striving to implement fair and equitable property tax systems for residents. Streamlined data collection and quality control – which prevent data errors and omissions early in the process – will increase trust in property valuations. This also reduces costly and time-consuming disputes for property tax administrators."

Jake Wilson, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Tyler Technologies

Mr Wilson continued, "Tyler has been the trusted partner for integrated solutions covering the land development and property tax lifecycles for more than 70 years. We're excited to partner with Nearmap, which has the leading location intelligence offering in the market, to enhance Tyler's property appraisal solution and create the industry's most comprehensive solution for property assessment administration."

Don Weigel, Senior Vice President of Products for Nearmap, said: "The ability to embed the leading location data and aerial imagery of Nearmap with Tyler Technologies' comprehensive offering in computer-assisted mass appraisal, assessment administration, tax-billing, and collections, creates an incomparable and enduring property solution."

"Property valuations and appraisals are highly dependent on access to timely, accurate, and validated property, building, and real estate market data. Nearmap aerial imagery helps bridge that gap, by providing clear and current aerial imagery that helps thousands of users conduct virtual site visits for data-driven property insights that better enable informed decisions, streamline operations, and contribute to an improved bottom line."

With the integration of regularly updated aerial imagery and location data into system workflows, Tyler customers can access a more comprehensive property solution. Users will be able to manage every step of the property appraisal process, while also optimizing daily operations, analyzing assessment data, and generating fair, equitable, and defendable property valuations.

Joe Wehrli, Enterprise Architect for Tyler Technologies said: "The transition from manual property data collection and verification processes to a more holistically automated approach represents the first step in the next wave of evolution for the Assessment Office."

"This integration will ensure property assessors have the right image available at the right time for the task at hand. It helps offices optimize day-to-day operations by improving data-driven decision-making and streamlining tasks to increase efficiency and save time and tax-payer's money."

Mr Weigel added: "Organizations across North America continue to be drawn to the diverse and innovative applications for Nearmap content and solutions. Nearmap can, through our widget technology, enhance a wide range of systems and platforms in the Government, Insurance, and Commercial sectors with high resolution, regularly updated, property-specific geospatial content. This saves software developers and platform providers the time, effort and money required to build easy and efficient mapping tools to access Nearmap property intelligence data."

Nearmap location technology and content is now used by government customers in 42 out of the 50 U.S. states where it offers location data.

About Nearmap
Nearmap provides easy, instant access to high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D content, AI data sets, and geospatial tools. Using its own patented camera systems and processing software, Nearmap captures wide-scale urban areas in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand several times each year, making current content instantly available in the cloud via web app or API integration. Every day, Nearmap helps thousands of users conduct virtual site visits for deep, data-driven insights— enabling informed decisions, streamlined operations and better financial performance.

Founded in Australia in 2007, Nearmap is one of the largest aerial survey companies in the world and is publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

About Tyler Technologies, Inc.
Tyler Technologies provides integrated software and technology services to the public sector. Tyler's end-to-end solutions empower local, state, and federal government entities to operate more efficiently and connect more transparently with their constituents and with each other. By connecting data and processes across disparate systems, Tyler's solutions are transforming how clients gain actionable insights that solve problems in their communities. Tyler has more than 37,000 successful installations across more than 12,000 locations, with clients in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and other international locations. Tyler has been recognized numerous times for growth and innovation, including Government Technology's GovTech 100 list and Forbes' "Most Innovative Growth Companies" list.


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Bidscale | August 17, 2022

Bidscale is announcing the public launch and refresh of their flagship software, Bidscale Select. Federal contracting is the backbone of America. From combat helicopters to scientific research, contracts underpin the operational effectiveness of our country. Contracting is big business, with $680B spent annually. Quick and smart government procurement leads to a stronger and more prosperous America. The current process is burdened by a lack of digitization resulting in a five-to-seven-year timetable from contract conceptualization to award. This stifles the Government's ability to obtain the latest and greatest innovation. For example, if it takes five years to buy a three-year-old combat system, by the time it is purchased and implemented, the technology would be at least eight years old. Bidscale has proven that the slowdown comes from a lack of tools necessary for Contracting Officers. These officers need to advance away from the usage of pens, highlighters, and post-it notes and move into the digital realm where collaboration, communication, and effective workflow tracking occur all in one place. Addressing this situation has garnered bipartisan support, illuminated by the AGILE Procurement Act, a reformation that enhances agile technology acquisition across the Federal Government. Bidscale is addressing the situation too, saving time by digitizing the source selection process. Through a secure environment, Bidscale supports the full lifecycle of source selection activities including proposal submission, evaluation, consensus, reporting, and artifact generation. It can take weeks for a Contracting Officer to compile and export source selection artifacts, but Bidscale does it in under ten seconds, and that is just one of the many features. "I'm very proud to have seen Bidscale already successfully implemented during several major Federal Government source selection processes, this company is committed to developing even more tools to continuously improve and digitize this contracting process. I believe Bidscale is a Govtech company to watch." -Tony Kwag, founder of Bidscale. Bidscale was made for Contracting Officers by Contracting Officers, so it addresses the most pressing needs through the following product modules: Evaluation – Allows users to virtually conduct proposal evaluations with supporting data on a single screen. Contracting Artifacts – Allows users to manage contracting artifacts and auto-generate comprehensive reports. Consensus – Users can run consolidated reviews to ensure quality control and adherence to source selection requirements. Contracting Workflow – A progress tracker where users can centrally manage and report on the source selection process by managing progress, schedule, risk, submissions, and reporting. This feature is especially useful when team members are not in the same room. Ultimately, Bidscale creates a source selection process that is repeatable, traceable, defendable, and scalable. About Bidscale: Founded in Arlington, Virginia, Bidscale is a software solution that is mission-focused on accelerating innovation across the Federal Government. Bidscale is a Small Disadvantaged Business pending 8(a) certification and has achieved SOC 2 compliance.

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Trust Stamp Unveils Privtech™ - a New Government-Focused Privacy-First Identity Technology

Trust Stamp | September 29, 2022

T Stamp Inc. (“Trust Stamp” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: IDAI, Euronext Growth: AIID ID), a global provider of AI-powered trust and identity services used globally across multiple sectors, today unveiled its new government-focused, privacy-first identity technology, Privtech™, and reports it has received registered trademark status for the Privtech solution by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The technology provides four customizable levels of privacy protection using the Company’s existing Privtech Certified® structure and offers government agencies the ability to verify identity and protect against fraud, while minimizing the data collected and providing transparency as to its use. “Privtech technology utilizes our patented irreversibly transformed identity token (IT2™), which allows users to be identified on a probabilistic basis without disclosing underlying biometric or other identity data. Within the Privtech Certified® structure there are four levels of privacy protection, of which Privtech Level Four is the most stringent with the entire enrollment and authentication processes taking place on the user’s own device, and only a randomized and encrypted one-time identifier ever leaving the device, Government agencies need to balance safe and efficient interaction with digital users against minimizing intrusion into the user’s privacy. Unlike the typical biometric systems in use today, Privtech Level Four does not require data intermediation by a private sector vendor and does not require the user to provide the agency with their biometric data. We have designed these solutions to meet the specific demands of government customers, which represent a very substantial and growing market opportunity. Ultimately, we believe that Privtech Certified products will define a new privacy-first approach to interacting with government agencies.” -Gareth Genner, Chief Executive Officer of Trust Stamp. Dr. Norman Poh, Chief Science Officer of Trust Stamp, stated, An IT2 can be created from virtually any modality of biometric together with most other types of identity data. In addition to the obvious benefit of privacy protection, the IT2 has numerous advantages when compared to legacy biometric templates, including computational efficiency, interoperability and cancelability. The Company’s announcement is in the wake of substantial increases in technology-focused investments by government agencies including $80 billion in new funding for the Internal Revenue Service with a stated emphasis on improving taxpayer services and modernizing the agency’s technology and other infrastructure. About Trust Stamp: Trust Stamp, is a global provider of AI-powered identity services for use in multiple sectors including banking and finance, regulatory compliance, government, real estate, communications, and humanitarian services. Its technology empowers organizations with advanced biometric identity solutions that reduce fraud, protect personal data privacy, increase operational efficiency, and reach a broader base of users worldwide through its unique data transformation and comparison capabilities.

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Booz Allen Hamilton Partners with Acalvio to Provide Advanced Cyber Deception Capabilities

Booz Allen | July 26, 2022

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) announced today it has partnered with Acalvio Technologies to improve the nation’s cybersecurity operations with proactive defenses that will help government and commercial organizations build greater resilience in the face of an increasingly dynamic threat landscape. This partnership complements Booz Allen’s National Cyber strategy by adding cyber deception to the firm’s intelligence-grade tradecraft and full-spectrum capabilities. Acalvio’s patented and award-winning Autonomous Deception product, ShadowPlex, the only advanced cyber deception product with FedRAMP certification, enables organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to malicious activity in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments across on-premises and cloud deployments. Together, Booz Allen and Acalvio will bring these sophisticated capabilities to government and commercial clients to combat advanced cybersecurity challenges, including advanced persistent threats (APT), ransomware, and insider threats. Key benefits of the partnership include: Accelerated Threat Detection to Connect the Dots: With more than 5,000 cyber professionals with proven skillsets to support clients, Booz Allen cuts through the noise and connects across missions, sectors, and data silos to provide a comprehensive view of the threat landscape. ​Now, with Acalvio’s ShadowPlex, clients can better prioritize the endless number of alerts they receive with high-confidence alerts across identity management and cyber asset threats that are not always prevented by traditional sensor strategies. This approach reduces the attacker dwell time with early detection and increases security operations center efficiency with sophisticated investigation. Adversarial Insights to Outpace the Competition: Backed by over 20 years of support across classified missions and commercial critical infrastructure sectors, Booz Allen uses a combination of reverse engineering, defensive technologies, predictive analytics, vulnerability assessments, proactive threat hunting, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in preparation for adversaries.​ Now, this portfolio adds Acalvio’s patented Deception Farm architecture, a key differentiator for clients, to deploy deceptive artifacts—like fake hosts or “honeypots” —that act as tripwires to detect intruders to better understand their behaviors. Combined, these solutions allow for new and unique insights that can be quickly implemented to stop bad actors in their tracks. Automated Deployments to Stay Ahead: Innovative solutions are only as good as their ability to rapidly integrate into the mission and quickly drive outcomes. Acalvio’s ShadowPlex automates and simplifies the configuration and deployment of deception artifacts, combining pre-defined playbooks with an AI-based recommendation system. With this partnership, Booz Allen will provide ready-to-deploy packaged solutions that automate service delivery to create scale, with lower cost, and greater mission impact. “As cyber threats grow increasingly advanced, Booz Allen is committed to developing secure, trusted, and resilient strategies that enhance the nation’s cybersecurity posture, To outpace the adversary, it is imperative that government and commercial organizations better integrate and synchronize the way they conduct cyber offense and defense. Booz Allen’s partnership with Acalvio achieves this, using offensive insights to inform cyber defense and addressing current gaps in the marketplace. This innovative approach operationalizes insights in real time so we can evolve our solutions to keep pace with the cyber landscape.” -Garrettson Blight, Director of National Cyber Solutions Booz Allen. The strategic partnership adds cyber deception to Booz Allen’s multiple cyber-enabled platforms for OT, cloud security, 5G technology security, connected health, and weapons systems cybersecurity, and complements Booz Allen’s existing operational capabilities such as threat hunting, detection engineering, and zero trust. “We are proud to partner with Booz Allen to deliver innovative and ready-to-deploy cyber deception capabilities for government and commercial clients, These offerings will empower government and commercial organizations to combat advanced cybersecurity challenges with solutions that deploy at speed and at scale in a fast-changing environment. With a combined focus on relentless innovation, this collaboration will allow clients to stay ahead of the competition and defend their most critical assets.” -Ram Varadarajan, CEO and Co-founder of Acalvio Technologies. With cross-sector mission understanding, battle-tested approaches, and ready-to-deploy solutions, Booz Allen is disrupting how the nation tackles cybersecurity and is taking a holistic approach to anticipate and solve the most complex cyber challenges. Learn more about Booz Allen’s vision for bolder cybersecurity strategy, operations, and solutions, and the firm’s long history of supporting U.S. government work in cyber defense and offense. About Booz Allen Hamilton- For more than 100 years, military, government, and business leaders have turned to Booz Allen Hamilton to solve their most complex problems. As a consulting firm with experts in analytics, digital solutions, engineering, and cyber, we help organizations transform. We are a key partner on some of the most innovative programs for governments worldwide and trusted by its most sensitive agencies. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, using a mission-first approach to choose the right strategy and technology to help them realize their vision.

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