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Nelnet and EKI-Digital Partner to Deliver Premier Digital Transformation Management Services to Government Industry

Nelnet (NYSE: NNI), a head proficient services organization, and EKI-Digital, a quantitative digital transformation organization, reported today an association meant to change how the government and financial services industry deal with their digital modernization and relocation endeavors.

Headquartered in Lincoln, Neb., Nelnet is devoted to conveying excellent client encounters and inventive innovation arrangements. Nelnet has many years of involvement creating and executing versatile back-office preparing and client care arrangements that assist customers with exploring complex, vigorously managed government and financial projects, for example, bureaucratic understudy loans and state joblessness protection claims.

"We look forward to working together with EKI-Digital to provide transformative modernization solutions and outstanding customer service to our clients," stated Peter Sanderson, Chief Revenue Officer of Nelnet Diversified Services. "Clients rely on our advanced technology solutions, efficient operations, and exemplary service to transform and support their organizations. With this announcement, we're excited for the opportunity to serve them even better."

EKI-Digital is a pioneer in utilizing calculations and lean-digital application design to assist associations with organizing their digital and acquirement transformation endeavors. EKI-Digital has helped associations, public and private, distinguish and catch execution improvement utilizing its legitimacy digital design approach and algorithmic freedom ID capacities.

"We look forward to working with Nelnet to help large organizations systematize and support their digital innovation and transformation efforts. Their commitment to customer, employee, and community success demonstrates the values of the company and why we believe this will be a compelling partnership," said Robert Blackwell Jr., CEO of EKI-Digital.

Together, Nelnet and EKI-Digital are attempting to assist associations with gaining digital modernization capacities as a help, taking out the need to chance great many dollars on conventional IT capital undertakings with high disappointment rates. Consolidating EKI-Digital's driving innovation procedure, plan, and usage services, with Nelnet's demonstrated back-office preparing and client care and backing, the association will have an amazing effect in the government and financial services areas.

About Nelnet

Nelnet (NYSE: NNI) is a diversified and innovative company focused on offering educational services, technology solutions, professional services, telecommunications, and asset management. Nelnet helps students and families plan and pay for their education and makes the administrative processes for schools more efficient with student loan servicing, tuition payment processing, and school administration software. Through its investment in ALLO Communications, Nelnet offers fiber optic services directly to homes and businesses for ultra-fast internet and superior telephone and television services. The company also makes investments in real estate and early-stage and emerging growth companies.

About EKI-Digital

EKI-Digital is a Quantitative Digital Transformation company that has helped large organizations identify and capture billions in revenue and cost efficiencies. Since 1998, EKI-Digital has serviced clients worldwide, specializing in government, retail, and financial services. Their technology independence allows EKI-Digital to offer flexible and unique solutions to help clients move from uncertainty to possibility.



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