NTIA, Pentagon Move to Tackle 5G Interoperability Complexities

NTIA | January 11, 2021

The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration needs criticism on the potential of another "5G Challenge" it might make to advance interoperability in the prospering domain—and backing the Defense Department's continuous military systems administration modernization endeavors.

Quickening the improvement of an "open 5G stack biological system" to assist push with sending DOD missions would be a definitive point of the test movement NTIA is investigating, as per a notification of request set to be distributed in the Federal Register Monday.

“Recognizing the vital importance of fifth-generation (5G) wireless communications to U.S. economic and security interests, [NTIA] has made it a top priority to engage in 5G across a broad spectrum of topics,” the agency wrote. It added that the Pentagon established its own 5G Initiative in 2019, which NTIA is working in this case “under sponsorship of and in collaboration with.”

That year, Defense disclosed designs to deliberately dispatch 5G experimentations at various army installations.

The archive's portrayal of the specialized inspiration driving the test clarifies that open-source usage pointed across a huge number of a 5G framework—including the convention stack—are acquiring foothold. Such stacks are essentially layers of components empowering capacities. At present, the open 5G stack network is "assorted," NTIA notes, yet "unique open 5G stack associations are centered around various segments of the stack, with no unmistakable division among the numerous usage right now accessible," and interoperability between those different executions isn't generally guaranteed.

5G offers supermodern abilities like organization cutting and versatile edge process that can be utilized to make a protected remote organization for arising arrangements, similar to the shrewd distribution center the Pentagon is now prototyping as a component of that more extensive activity, which the National Spectrum Consortium likewise more as of late got engaged with.

“However the challenge the DOD is now facing is that these new 5G capabilities require interoperability between all the vendors that go into a specific solution,” 5G Security Advisor to the NSC Junaid Islam, told Nextgov over email Friday. “For example, a smart warehouse solution for asset tracking can easily involve 20 different products from beamforming antennas, asset tags, mobile compute, battery back-up, routers, application gateways, etc.”

At the end of the day, a ton of custom joining is needed by existing 5G arrangements—yet that is neither versatile nor a savvy sending model for the Pentagon, Islam said. With NSC, he helps help the more extensive seller network handle the Defense Department's requirements.

“To help facilitate and accelerate interoperability between vendors NTIA is seeking to create an open stack ecosystem,” Islam added. “This initiative is a true win-win for vendors and DOD as it seeks to create a plug & play for 5G solution architecture that will help the procurement and deployment process.”

He further noticed that one objective of NTIA is to characterize normal application programming interfaces that can help streamline 5G arrangement parts' provisioning and the board, and another is to "make interoperability between unlicensed 5G [Open Radio Access Network] arrangements and transporter administrations from AT&T and Verizon to empower consistent wandering and improved flexibility."

In the notification, NTIA said remarks got will broaden its comprehension of issues that may emerge in delivering and executing the 5G Challenge rivalry, and help guarantee that the movement "boosts the advantage to both the open 5G stack market and the DOD on a quickened plan." The office arranges different inquiries across three classifications: challenge structure and objectives, motivating forces and scope and, time span and foundation uphold.


Christmas has arrived at the White House, featuring designs by First lady Melania Trump. The 2018 White House holiday decor features a theme of "American Treasures."


Christmas has arrived at the White House, featuring designs by First lady Melania Trump. The 2018 White House holiday decor features a theme of "American Treasures."

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