Puppet Deepens Commitment to Government Agencies with Enhanced Support and Availability

Puppet | November 01, 2021

Puppet, the industry standard for infrastructure automation, is increasing the availability of Puppet Enterprise on preferred government purchasing vehicles through a new relationship with Carahsoft. This partnership will make Puppet’s flagship product available to organizations like the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 and numerous other federal, state and local contracts.

Puppet is a trusted partner of the U.S. government and is deeply committed to enhancing security in government cloud operations as well as helping government agencies maintain agility. More than 50% of U.S. Federal cabinet departments and 7 of 10 contractors use Puppet. Many of the largest branches of the U.S. government also use Open Source Puppet or Puppet Enterprise, including the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Defense Information Systems Agency, Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Energy and the National Security Agency.

“Puppet has long been committed to faster, more secure delivery and we’re eager to see more agencies and contractors get the same benefits as their counterparts in the private sector,” said Melissa Palmer, vice president of public sector sales. “Puppet Enterprise has already seen widespread government adoption from military branches, and intelligence agencies. Through our partnership with Carahsoft, we’re looking forward to helping even more agencies and contractors receive the same security and delivery benefits.”

Federal agencies can leverage Puppet Enterprise to rapidly deploy new applications while maintaining infrastructure integrity and availability. Puppet Enterprise delivers the most comprehensive feature set for government agencies who want to quickly start or scale their transformation initiatives, with modern automation tools that provide continuous, intelligent compliance required to meet mission goals.

“We are pleased to offer Puppet’s infrastructure automation solutions through our GSA Schedule and authorized reseller partners. IT automation is the key Government DevOps teams are seeking to manage and scale infrastructure across their organization.”

Will Jones, Senior Vice President of Virtualization Solutions at Carahsoft

In addition to wide contract availability, Puppet Enterprise supports critical government standards, enabling the Department of Defense to automate and enforce compliance with configuration standards and security and privacy controls. Puppet Enterprise provides powerful capabilities such as FIPS 140-2 certification, reporting and compliance, role-based access control, extended platform support, orchestration and workflow, code management and enterprise support. DoD agencies can achieve rapid and continuous compliance with DISA STIGs and NIST SP 800-53 by automating configuration management and enforcing desired state as often as needed, up to every thirty minutes.

Puppet Enterprise also advances DevSecOps capabilities by incorporating security into the entire application and infrastructure development cycle. Mission-critical programs, such as DCGS-A, rely on Puppet to ensure continuous compliance through deployment and enables government agencies to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, proactively manage infrastructure across all major operating systems, on-prem or in cloud environments.

About Puppet
Puppet helps enterprises modernize and manage their infrastructure with the solutions to automate anywhere, reliably scale, and integrate compliance and security across hybrid infrastructure. More than 40,000 organizations — including more than 80 percent of the Global 5000 — have benefited from Puppet’s open source and commercial solutions to ensure business continuity, optimize costs, boost compliance and ensure security, all while accelerating the adoption of DevOps practices and delivery of self-service. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Puppet is a privately held company with offices in London, Belfast, Singapore, Sydney and Timișoara.


If you have a question about your taxes, you can call the IRS. But you may have to wait awhile to get the help you need. Listen to Jay McTigue, a director in our Strategic Issues team, discuss what his team recently found when they reviewed IRS’s performance in the 2015 tax filing season.


If you have a question about your taxes, you can call the IRS. But you may have to wait awhile to get the help you need. Listen to Jay McTigue, a director in our Strategic Issues team, discuss what his team recently found when they reviewed IRS’s performance in the 2015 tax filing season.

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Swimlane Delivers Intelligent Automation to Help U.S. Government Agencies Meet Executive Orders for Security Orchestration

Swimlane | February 23, 2022

Swimlane today announced that its cloud-scale, low-code security automation is being adopted by leading U.S. Government agencies to improve overall cybersecurity effectiveness while meeting the requirements of recently-issued Executive Orders M-22-09 and M-21-31. The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), along with Executive Orders from the Biden Administration, has mandated several new security directives around Zero Trust, Logging, and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). These government-wide programs have an immediate impact on the expectations and roadmaps for public sector agencies and component agency security programs. Swimlane security automation provides a centralized system-of-record and SOAR capabilities that help agencies meet these requirements while gaining greater visibility into their operations with consolidated analytics, real-time dashboards and reporting from across the security infrastructure. U.S. public sector agencies have until the end of FY2024 to implement SOAR technology as part of the adoption of Zero Trust principles laid out by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in January. The memorandum refers to implementing security automation capabilities as a “practical necessity.” “As the number of false alarms and genuine threats increases, agencies need an easy-to-navigate solution that allows them to integrate their entire security stack and automate the manual tasks essential to keeping them secure,” said Cody Cornell, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Swimlane, who formerly held roles with the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency and Department of Homeland Security. Cornell continued, “Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform can serve as a crucial foundation for meeting these Zero Trust requirements by becoming the security system of record, which means agencies can seamlessly track and automate security processes, cases and reports from a single customizable interface. This comprehensive visibility allows them to overcome resource constraints and respond to threats faster.” While Zero Trust relies on an agency’s ability to successfully standardize user authentication and ensure every attempted access is validated before granting access to the organization’s network, federal agencies are also tasked with mitigating an ever-growing number of security alerts, disconnected tools and complex processes. Regulating access on such a granular level is a highly complex process. To be successful, security teams must feel confident in the decisions they make while managing their environments. This is why having access to an end-to-end security automation solution that provides security teams with comprehensive visibility and orchestration that can extend beyond the Security Operations Center (SOC) is crucial. Swimlane works with numerous partners in the federal and public sector, like Merlin Cyber, to deliver a powerful platform that can help agencies solve even the most sophisticated security challenges. According to Merlin Cyber’s 2022 State of Federal Zero Trust Maturity survey, more than 70 percent of federal agencies are aggressively adopting Zero Trust principles. “The adoption of Zero Trust strategies is most effective when carried out in conjunction with security automation. As government agencies seek to take more extensive steps to secure their attack surface and maximize incident response, Swimlane’s platform being flexible enough to support use cases beyond traditional SOAR makes it a significant asset.” Miguel Sian, Senior VP of Technology at Merlin Cyber About Swimlane Swimlane is the leader in cloud-scale, low-code security automation. Supporting use cases beyond SOAR, Swimlane improves the ease with which security teams can overcome process and data fatigue, as well as chronic staffing shortages. Swimlane unlocks the potential of automation beyond the SOC by delivering a low-code platform that serves as the system of record for the entire security organization and enables anyone within the organization to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the protection of the organization.

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Infoblox Inc. Announces BloxOne Threat Defense Federal Cloud has Achieves in Process Status for FedRAMP

Infoblox Inc. | September 28, 2020

Infoblox Inc., the leader in Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services, today announced that BloxOne Threat Defense Federal Cloud has achieved "In Process" status for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). BloxOne Threat Defense Federal Cloud is a subset of BloxOne Threat Defense that brings the power of Infoblox's Cloud Services Portal (CSP), Threat Intel Data Exchange (TIDE), and Dossier threat investigation platform to federal agencies, enabling them to simplify and scale security from the network core to the edge.

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Vyopta Expands its Cloud Services Footprint in the European Union

Vyopta Incorporated | March 02, 2022

Vyopta, the leader in digital collaboration user experience management, today announced its plans to further expand into Europe with the launch of its new European Union Vyopta cloud. This is in addition to the company's existing US Commercial and FedRAMP Government clouds in the U.S. The new European cloud will enable Vyopta to better serve its European customers. "As we continue to support and expand our client base in Europe, we want to ensure that they are confident we can support secure data residency needs. We chose to house the Vyopa EU Cloud in Germany because of their well-known high-security standards." Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta One of the world's leading car and truck manufacturers and a global leader in next-age digital services and technology consulting are two large enterprises that are among those that will be the initial group using Vyopta's EU Cloud. Other clients in the region include organizations in education, enterprise, finance, government, and healthcare. Vyopta currently has an office in the UK and offers 24-hour customer service support to enterprises around the world. About Vyopta Incorporated Vyopta, the leader in digital collaboration user experience management, has helped 40 million people collaborate better. Its Collaboration Performance Management and Workspace Insights applications have helped identify and address over 9 million issues. Vyopta helps organisations deliver the best UC user experience and optimise their UC and real estate investments. Hundreds of organisations worldwide spanning 20+ industries use Vyopta to monitor 6 million endpoints and over 20 billion meeting minutes a year.

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