DataRobot’s State of AI Bias Report Reveals 81% of Technology Leaders Want Government Regulation of AI Bias

DataRobot | January 19, 2022

AI Cloud leader DataRobot today released its State of AI Bias Report, conducted in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and global academic leaders. The report offers a deeper understanding of how the risk of AI bias can impact today’s organizations, and how business leaders can manage and mitigate this risk. Based on an exploration of over 350 organizations across industries, the research findings reveal that many leaders share deep concerns around the risk of bias in AI (54%) and a growing desire for government regulation to prevent bias in AI (81%).

AI is an essential technology to accelerate business growth and drive operational efficiency, yet many organizations struggle to implement AI effectively and fairly at scale. More than one in three (36%) organizations surveyed have experienced challenges or direct business impact due to an occurrence of AI bias in their algorithms, such as:

  • Lost revenue (62%)
  • Lost customers (61%)
  • Lost employees (43%)
  • Incurred legal fees due to a lawsuit or legal action (35%)
  • Damaged brand reputation/media backlash (6%)

“DataRobot’s research shows what many in the artificial intelligence field have long-known to be true: the line of what is and is not ethical when it comes to AI solutions has been too blurry for too long. “The CIOs, IT directors and managers, data scientists, and development leads polled in this research clearly understand and appreciate the gravity and impact at play when it comes to AI and ethics.”

Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning, World Economic Forum

While organizations want to eliminate bias from their algorithms, many are struggling to do so effectively. The research found that 77% of organizations had an AI bias or algorithm test in place prior to discovering bias. Despite significant focus and investment in removing AI bias across the industry, organizations still struggle with many clear challenges to eliminating bias:

  1. Understanding the reasons for a specific AI decision
  2. Understanding the patterns between input values and AI decisions
  3. Developing trustworthy algorithms
  4. Determining what data is used to train AI

“The market for responsible AI solutions will double in 2022,” wrote Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell in his report Predictions 2022: Artificial Intelligence. Purcell continues, “Responsible AI solutions offer a range of capabilities that help companies turn AI principles such as fairness and transparency into consistent practices. Demand for these solutions will likely double next year as interest extends beyond highly regulated industries into all enterprises using AI for critical business operations.”

DataRobot’s Trusted AI Team of subject-matter experts, data scientists and ethicists are pioneering efforts to build transparent and explainable AI with businesses and industries across the globe. Led by Ted Kwartler, VP of Trusted AI at DataRobot, the team’s mission is to deliver ethical AI systems and actionable guidance for a customer base that includes some of the largest banks in the world, top U.S. health insurers, and defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies within the U.S. federal government.

"The core challenge to eliminate bias is understanding why algorithms arrived at certain decisions in the first place,” said Kwartler. “Organizations need guidance when it comes to navigating AI bias and the complex issues attached. There has been progress, including the EU proposed AI principles and regulations, but there's still more to be done to ensure models are fair, trusted and explainable.”

DataRobot surveyed more than 350 U.S. and U.K.-based CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, data scientists, and development leads who use or plan to use AI. The research was fielded in 2021.

About DataRobot
DataRobot AI Cloud is the next generation of AI. DataRobot’s AI Cloud vision is to bring together all data types, all users, and all environments to deliver critical business insights for every organization. DataRobot is trusted by global customers across industries and verticals, including a third of the Fortune 50.


You’ve reached a certain point in the evolution of your company and you know it’s time to invest in a CPQ system. But buyer beware: There’s a certain misconception around CPQ systems as being plug-in devices or turnkey-ready overlays of your existing infrastructure, or a simple app you sign up for and that’s it. Yes—the best ones do not require heavy IT resources to get them up and running. But even the best ones require certain things to happen to make their implementation and rollout successful, and most companies, despite the best-laid plans, usually get torpedoed by one of the following issues.


You’ve reached a certain point in the evolution of your company and you know it’s time to invest in a CPQ system. But buyer beware: There’s a certain misconception around CPQ systems as being plug-in devices or turnkey-ready overlays of your existing infrastructure, or a simple app you sign up for and that’s it. Yes—the best ones do not require heavy IT resources to get them up and running. But even the best ones require certain things to happen to make their implementation and rollout successful, and most companies, despite the best-laid plans, usually get torpedoed by one of the following issues.

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FDIC Completes Modernization of Acquisition Management System with Unison PRISM

Unison | July 25, 2022

Unison, the leading provider of acquisition management software and insight to government agencies, program offices, and contractors, announces that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has completed modernization of their FAMS (FDIC Acquisition Management System) with the successful roll-out of Unison's PRISM SaaS solution. Through this implementation, FDIC has fully replaced four different legacy systems that were only loosely joined together, and measurably improved their Compliance, Audit, and Reporting postures with a net gain in functionality and operational efficiency. FDIC's FAMS initiative to replace their current Appian based system was one of the top agency performance goals for the year. "By leveraging PRISM's Accelerator and Analytics functionality, FDIC is now able to streamline their early Acquisition planning processes as well as take advantage of PRISM's robust analytics to enhance their reporting and dashboarding, Through this initiative, FDIC has been able to seamlessly harmonize many acquisition-related functions in a single solution benefitting a broad spectrum of their users and business processes." -Greg Young, General Manager PRISM. FDIC selected PRISM SaaS including secure infrastructure and a Web Services-based integration layer which works with FDIC's existing enterprise systems to realize greater value across their applications ecosystems. This has allowed the agency to side-step its technical debt and maintenance burdens for an Acquisition system. PRISM is the only proven, widely used, and built for federal FedRAMP Moderate compliant Acquisitions solution. FDIC acquisition professionals are using the Unison PRISM solution to efficiently and effectively manage the complete federal acquisition lifecycle, in a compliant way, from planning through closeout. About Unison- Unison's secure cloud and on-premise Lifecycle Acquisition Management software, Marketplace, and information products support more than 200,000 users in leading prime contractors, all cabinet-level agencies, and major DoD programs. All software development and support are provided within the USA.

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Booz Allen Hamilton Partners with Acalvio to Provide Advanced Cyber Deception Capabilities

Booz Allen | July 26, 2022

Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) announced today it has partnered with Acalvio Technologies to improve the nation’s cybersecurity operations with proactive defenses that will help government and commercial organizations build greater resilience in the face of an increasingly dynamic threat landscape. This partnership complements Booz Allen’s National Cyber strategy by adding cyber deception to the firm’s intelligence-grade tradecraft and full-spectrum capabilities. Acalvio’s patented and award-winning Autonomous Deception product, ShadowPlex, the only advanced cyber deception product with FedRAMP certification, enables organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to malicious activity in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments across on-premises and cloud deployments. Together, Booz Allen and Acalvio will bring these sophisticated capabilities to government and commercial clients to combat advanced cybersecurity challenges, including advanced persistent threats (APT), ransomware, and insider threats. Key benefits of the partnership include: Accelerated Threat Detection to Connect the Dots: With more than 5,000 cyber professionals with proven skillsets to support clients, Booz Allen cuts through the noise and connects across missions, sectors, and data silos to provide a comprehensive view of the threat landscape. ​Now, with Acalvio’s ShadowPlex, clients can better prioritize the endless number of alerts they receive with high-confidence alerts across identity management and cyber asset threats that are not always prevented by traditional sensor strategies. This approach reduces the attacker dwell time with early detection and increases security operations center efficiency with sophisticated investigation. Adversarial Insights to Outpace the Competition: Backed by over 20 years of support across classified missions and commercial critical infrastructure sectors, Booz Allen uses a combination of reverse engineering, defensive technologies, predictive analytics, vulnerability assessments, proactive threat hunting, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in preparation for adversaries.​ Now, this portfolio adds Acalvio’s patented Deception Farm architecture, a key differentiator for clients, to deploy deceptive artifacts—like fake hosts or “honeypots” —that act as tripwires to detect intruders to better understand their behaviors. Combined, these solutions allow for new and unique insights that can be quickly implemented to stop bad actors in their tracks. Automated Deployments to Stay Ahead: Innovative solutions are only as good as their ability to rapidly integrate into the mission and quickly drive outcomes. Acalvio’s ShadowPlex automates and simplifies the configuration and deployment of deception artifacts, combining pre-defined playbooks with an AI-based recommendation system. With this partnership, Booz Allen will provide ready-to-deploy packaged solutions that automate service delivery to create scale, with lower cost, and greater mission impact. “As cyber threats grow increasingly advanced, Booz Allen is committed to developing secure, trusted, and resilient strategies that enhance the nation’s cybersecurity posture, To outpace the adversary, it is imperative that government and commercial organizations better integrate and synchronize the way they conduct cyber offense and defense. Booz Allen’s partnership with Acalvio achieves this, using offensive insights to inform cyber defense and addressing current gaps in the marketplace. This innovative approach operationalizes insights in real time so we can evolve our solutions to keep pace with the cyber landscape.” -Garrettson Blight, Director of National Cyber Solutions Booz Allen. The strategic partnership adds cyber deception to Booz Allen’s multiple cyber-enabled platforms for OT, cloud security, 5G technology security, connected health, and weapons systems cybersecurity, and complements Booz Allen’s existing operational capabilities such as threat hunting, detection engineering, and zero trust. “We are proud to partner with Booz Allen to deliver innovative and ready-to-deploy cyber deception capabilities for government and commercial clients, These offerings will empower government and commercial organizations to combat advanced cybersecurity challenges with solutions that deploy at speed and at scale in a fast-changing environment. With a combined focus on relentless innovation, this collaboration will allow clients to stay ahead of the competition and defend their most critical assets.” -Ram Varadarajan, CEO and Co-founder of Acalvio Technologies. With cross-sector mission understanding, battle-tested approaches, and ready-to-deploy solutions, Booz Allen is disrupting how the nation tackles cybersecurity and is taking a holistic approach to anticipate and solve the most complex cyber challenges. Learn more about Booz Allen’s vision for bolder cybersecurity strategy, operations, and solutions, and the firm’s long history of supporting U.S. government work in cyber defense and offense. About Booz Allen Hamilton- For more than 100 years, military, government, and business leaders have turned to Booz Allen Hamilton to solve their most complex problems. As a consulting firm with experts in analytics, digital solutions, engineering, and cyber, we help organizations transform. We are a key partner on some of the most innovative programs for governments worldwide and trusted by its most sensitive agencies. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, using a mission-first approach to choose the right strategy and technology to help them realize their vision.

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Siemens Government Technologies Helps Corpus Christi Army Depot Achieve Its Energy Efficiency and Savings Goals

Siemens Government Technologies | May 27, 2022

Siemens Government Technologies (SGT), Inc., Siemens' federally focused U.S. affiliate, is extending crucial energy efficiency and resiliency work at the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) in Texas. The new $17.1 million task order will achieve Army efficiency and resiliency goals for its premier rotary wing and repair facility thanks to a budget neutral task order given by the Army Corps of Engineers' Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville. Siemens has been assisting CCAD with energy efficiency and resiliency initiatives since 2015. Critical infrastructure enhancements have been scoped to return the largest energy savings at the lowest feasible cost to the government, which they credit to the close collaboration with Army project engineers. Siemens has been able to provide more than $93 million in energy conservation measures compensated for by the decrease in baseline utility costs over the contract duration by leveraging energy savings performance contracts — where energy efficiency initiatives are completely financed with minimal upfront investment. We’ve been fortunate to serve CCAD with essential smart infrastructure and energy-efficient systems that support their national security mission. By providing these critical upgrades that expand overall efficiency for smart energy management, the Army CCAD team can maintain its focus on their core mission of critical repair and refurbishment of rotary wing assets here at home and around the world.” John Ustica, Interim CEO of Siemens Government Technologies The present task order covers seven buildings with a total square footage of more than 1.5 million square feet. The project team, led by SGT, will replace existing stream traps, install point-of-use pressure washers to eliminate single pass steam, replace hot water boilers with high efficiency boilers, and replace hot water pumps with high efficiency variable volume pumps to reduce single pass steam. High-efficiency chillers will be installed in place of air-cooled chillers, and new local controls will enable remote monitoring and warning for more efficient operation. Existing interior and exterior fixtures will be replaced or retrofitted with LED technology as part of the lighting upgrades. The project team will enhance existing SCADA systems to monitor and manage existing furnaces and freezers, as well as implement a new SCADA system, to reduce overall parts scrap rate, labor, and cycle time.

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