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Red-State Governor Races Could Bring Medicaid Expansion to Millions

October 31, 2018 / Alice Miranda Ollstein

Stacey Abrams paced the brightly lit pulpit of the Kingdom Builders Covenant Church on a cold, drizzly evening before Election Day, preaching the gospel of Medicaid expansion. “When we help the least of these, we help everyone,” said the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, pointing her finger in the air as audience members swayed in their chairs, raised their hands and called out in assent. “Republicans are too mean and too cheap to take the money. But we know that health care is not a privilege in America. Health care is a right in America, and that is why I’m running.” Georgia’s neck-and-neck governor’s race is one of at least half a dozen where a Democrat supporting Medicaid expansion has a fighting chance to replace a Republican who opposes it. Competitive races in Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota could also flip the status of holdout states that have so far refused Obamacare's Medicaid expansion though Republican ...