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Trump wants radically less government. Here's what that looks like.

April 12, 2019 / Zachary B. Wolf

In President Donald Trump's Washington, regulation is the enemy and smaller government is the ultimate goal, but recent lapses involving baby sleepers and long-range jets underline the positive role regulators can play in everyday life. Fisher-Price, the baby product and toy company, and Boeing, the aerospace giant, don't have much in common except that people put their lives at the mercy of these manufacturers and the government is supposed to ensure they are safe. But the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg, worked closely with the company to streamline the 737 Max 8 for approval and then was slow to ground the planes after two crashes. Twice in recent months, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has not forced manufacturers of baby products that were involved in the deaths or injuries of infants to recall their products.