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Carrizo Tribe files lawsuit against U.S. Government regarding border wall

October 11, 2019 / Ronnie Marley

A lawsuit has been filed by the Carrizo Tribe against the United States Government regarding the border wall. According to the lawsuit, Chief Juan Mancias is requesting that the U.S. Government ‘Cease and Desist the construction of the border wall.’ The lawsuit stated that that their land is sovereign and anyone who steps onto their land for the border wall will be arrested. Also as part of the lawsuit, the chief is also asking for $1 trillion to be paid, “due to the atrocities caused by The Federal Government of the United States of America and its entities, killing myself and Our Estok’k Gna People.” He’s asking for $400 billion to be paid immediately with $200 billion paid per year for the next 500 years. He added, “for the reparation for the first contact of 1532 which resulted in the killing of our people and post-traumatic stress disorder and inter-generational trauma and grief. As well as the theft, of our land.”