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CellTrust SL2 Now Available in Azure Government with a Dedicated Instance

October 07, 2020 / Tammara Anderton

CellTrust Corporation, a leading provider of global secure and compliant mobile communication for government and enterprise, announced today that its flagship SL2™ mobile app is also now available with Microsoft Azure Government, featuring a dedicated instance to meet the highest level of government compliance. CellTrust SL2 is an enterprise-level application that works by assigning a dedicated Mobile Business Number™ (MBN) to personal and corporate-owned mobile devices to keep personal and business communications separate on a single device. The seamless solution enables compliant, secure SMS messages and business calls on the device without using the personal number. This capability is vital for government agencies and their partners that require greater security for mobile communications, as well as archiving for e-discovery and compliance, such as FOIA, HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, sunshine laws, and public records laws.