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Defense Agency Renews Antivirus Software Subscription for Workers’ Home Use

March 25, 2020 / Brandi Vincent

As the coronavirus pandemic grows the ranks of teleworkers, the Defense Information Systems Agency is imploring Defense Department employees to take advantage of the agency re-upping its home-use antivirus program with vendor McAfee. “Recognizing a need, DISA and the DoD have renewed their antivirus home use programs,” reads a news bulletin the agency posted Monday. “The DoD antivirus software license agreement with McAfee allows active DoD employees to utilize the anti-virus software for home use.” Government agencies and departments have struggled to implement the administration’s “maximum telework” policy as more remote users strain their networks. Antivirus software is necessary to protect systems against the most common threat vector malicious actors are using during the pandemic: malware intrusion via phishing.