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Oracle Announces Framework Agreement Award from Canadian Government

July 13, 2020 / Oracle

Oracle announced today the award of a Framework Agreement for the provision of secure cloud services to the Government of Canada. This agreement gives Oracle's Canadian federal government customers the ability to securely store, manage and process sensitive data and applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Focused on a "cloud-first" strategy, the Government of Canada uses cloud services as its preferred delivery option when initiating information technology investments, initiatives, strategies and projects. The access to Oracle Cloud regions in Toronto and Montreal afforded by this agreement will help support Canadian government and affiliated public sector entities in their digital transformation efforts. Oracle Cloud is ideal for mission-critical workloads like financials and other back office applications, as well as newer workloads like simulations, machine learning, and cloud native applications. Oracle's Canadian Cloud regions today offer Oracle Cloud services that include Compute (CPU and GPU virtual machine and bare metal), Storage (block, object, and archive storage, including new immutable object storage capabilities), Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata Cloud Services, FastConnect, Identity and Access Management, Key Management Service, and Load Balancer.