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The U.S. Government Needs Your Help To Decide If Cameras Should Be Allowed To Replace Mirrors

October 10, 2019 / David Tracy

The U.S. government is seeking input from the public so it can decide if cameras should be allowed to replace mirrors in our cars, like they are in other countries. Specifically, Bloomberg notes, the feds want research, because they’ve got a number of concerns about this whole camera-instead-of-mirror concept. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 111 requires that automakers outfit cars with an inside rearview mirror and at least the driver’s side outside mirror, plus the standard sets certain field-of-view and mounting requirements. The idea, NHTSA says, is to try to “[reduce] the number of deaths and injuries that occur when the driver of a motor vehicle does not have a clear and reasonably unobstructed view to the rear.”