2016 Top Management Challenges for State & Local Government

Route Fifty

Over the past ten years, a wide array of challenges have made management increasingly difficult for state and local government employees. To dig deeper into which issues are currently causing leaders the most trouble, Route Fifty and Government Business Council conducted a survey of more than 900 state and local leaders.
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US Federal Contractor Registration Review & Testimonial: Jami Rogers of Allen's Electric Motor Service, inc discusses her government contracting experience with US Federal Contractor Registration.


Disaster Recovery: Why not the Cloud?

Most government organizations have decided that some forms of cloud computing options are an effective way to meet their strategic IT needs.

Using APIs to Power Legacy Modernization in Government


The revised Modernizing Government Technology Act just passed through the House, and the availability of $500 million in funding is one step closer to agencies for rapid IT modernization. With funding seemingly around the corner, agencies must now consider how to best modernize in a way that minimizes disruption to legacy systems and processes.

2016 Wetlands, Waters, Permits, & Courts

The Swamp School, LLC

2016 has already been a very busy wetland regulation year. Since January the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has had additional rulings on the proposed Clean Water Rule. The US Army Corps of Engineers has released its proposed Nationwide Permits for 2017. The US Supreme Court has decided a very important Jurisdictional Determination case. We have even had a recent out of court settlement that required public comment with the EPA over a farm pond issue with national implications. To add to this confusion Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy recently called the Clean Water Act "arguably unconstitutionally vague." Before we wade in any deeper into 2016, we thought it might be appropriate to host a mid-year webinar on these topics and a few more. Don't forget we also have a new National Wetland Plant list to work with.

Article 2 & Governments' Budgets Webinar Series: Progressive Realization

International Budget Partnership

The third and final webinar in the series based on the handbook “Article 2 and Governments’ Budgets.” This webinar featured handbook authors Ann Blyberg and Helena Hofbauer, together with guest speaker Shaamela Cassiem, Capacity Building Manager at IBP. They introduced the concept of “Progressive Realization” and discussed its failure through benefits not reaching the most vulnerable; the potential of retrogression via tax cut; and a positive example of “Progressive Realization.” Visit http://internationalbudget.org/what-w... for links to background materials