A Level Economics Revision: Market Failure & Government Intervention


Here is a recording of and the slides from the A-Level Economics revision webinar on market failure and government intervention.
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The Office of Inspector General (OIG) evaluated NASA’s implementation of the recommendations made by the OIG, Government Accountability Office, and National Academy of Public Administration to improve NASA’s export-control and foreign national access programs.


Draft 2015-16 Code of Accounting Practice and Financial Reporting

Office of Local Government

This Webinar is made available to the NSW local government sector and key stakeholders. It provides local government with an insight on the proposed changes to the Code of Accounting Practice and Financial Reporting Guidelines for the 2016-16 financial year.
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How To's of Government Funding Beyond HUD Grants

Consulting Group, Inc.

On September 27, 2016; All Chicago held a webinar titled "How To's of Government Funding Beyond HUD Grants" presented by Alyson Parham Small President of Partec Consulting Group, Inc.
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SCA Compliance in Real Business Government Contractor Environments


Join Aronson Senior Consultant Barbara Connell as she takes a two-tiered approach to addressing the challenges of understanding and complying with the myriad requirements of the Service Contract Act (SCA).
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Leveraging the Open Government Data Platform & Visualization Engine


Data is one of the most valuable resources of modern digitized governance, but raw data alone can not provide the decision makers valuable insights. To turn the numbers into knowledge, we need to separate noise from the data. We also need to choose the right way to present the data, so that it’s easily interpreted.
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