A new open source library for local government digital services

Digital Leaders

Join the discussion between Dr Mark Thompson, a key architect of the UK government’s open IT strategy, Director of Strategy at Methods Digital, and senior lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School and Richard Friend, Director of Customer Success at Jadu, a Web Experience Management software company to discuss the launch of the new Jadu library.
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Republicans were once dominate players in California politics. After the passage of Proposition 187 in 1994, the GOP began a steady decline.


Using Deception Technology as part of Your Cybersecurity Defense Strategy

Fidelis Cybersecurity

The risk of an attack is always present, as cyber criminals seek passwords and credentials to enter networks and applications in order to monitor and steal critical data.
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Review of the Supreme Court Decision on DOMA


The United States Supreme Court's recent decision to strike down an important provision of the Defense of Marriage Act has immediate implications for same-sex couples throughout the nation. Gay and lesbian couples who are married in their home state or in other states that recognize same-sex marriage, may begin to enjoy hundreds of federal benefits previously denied to them.
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Internal audit’s role in Tribal Government transformation


Tribal governments operate in a challenging environment. Not only are they involved in public service delivery – health, safety, housing, education – but there is also responsibility for economic development, business operations and oversight. To ensure a bright future, Tribal governments are consistently making strategic decisions, executing large projects, and making significant budget decisions.
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Transforming The Citizens’ Digital Experience in Government


The President’s Management Agenda is a multi-generational vision for reform that brings to government customers a customer experience that compares to or exceeds that of leading private sector organizations.
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