Allocating Federal Funding: Impactful Procurement Uses

Allocating federal webinar
Over the past two years, state and local governments have seen a historic influx of federal funding. From the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan Act to the Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act and the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, billions of federal dollars hold the potential to create long-term progress in state and local governments across the country. The biggest target of these federal dollars is infrastructure. Between crumbling roads and strained public transit systems, the nation’s infrastructure needs thoughtful investment. 
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The Modern Government: Keyed in on Climate

Central to today’s Modern Government is a focus on building resilience and transformation. As climate change is increasingly seen as a significant risk to the management of infrastructure and the delivery of services, it is also seen, by some, as an opportunity to invest in more sustainable assets. Leaders are starting to focus on developing strategies and prioritizing climate goals that will transform the way we live and work, honing in on emerging technologies and data-driven decisions to better navigate the approaching risks, while potentially realizing longer term benefits.
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Building Trust and Security in Government

Citizen confidence in government institutions and public servants depends on trust. Citizens need to trust the individuals and agencies representing them will act in good faith to protect their interests. Watch this webinar to hear from government experts in public safety and justice, public finance, public health and social services, and critical infrastructure at Microsoft about the key areas and steps you can take to protect your organization from unwanted threats.
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Preparing for No-Deal Brexit: Customs and VAT

Open to Export

Ahead of Brexit, we look at what companies need to do to prepare themselves for likely changes at the border, including customs checks and VAT.
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Government Contract Accounting And Pricing Foundation- PU 2019

Federal Publications Seminars

This introductory session will provide the foundation for the next 8 sessions of Procurement University 2019. We will cover topics including the acquisition life cycle, key stakeholders in contracting as well as the legal and regulatory framework. Discussion of key terms and acronyms will assist you for the duration of the series.
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