Australian Citizenship Practice Exams|Government and the law in Australia S1


Australian Citizenship Practice Exams Government and the law in Australia |Australian Government S1. Prepare for Australian Citizenship Test with this free handy app containing 600 questions to help you practice. Enjoy a collection of 500 notes across various topics for The Australian Citizenship Test exam preparation, arranged by Subjects, modules and chapters.
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With passage of the Dills Act in 1977, the Legislature authorized collective bargaining between rank-and- fi le state employees organized into bargaining units and the administration.


The Protection of IP When Working in the Federal Government & Commercial Markets

Thompson Coburn LLP

The U.S. Government spends billions of dollars each and every year on acquiring supplies and services, including a wide array of technology solutions to satisfy its requirements. As a government contractor, you will want to protect your Company’s “Crown Jewels,” or valuable intellectual property, when working with the U.S. Government.
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Sugar reduction in the UK and the implications for labelling


Sugar reduction is a hot topic as government targets and consumer demands change. The challenge many food businesses face is the need to review their product labels to bring them in line with the redevelopment of existing lines.
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2018 OFCCP Developments: What Federal Contractors Need to Know for 2019


In 2018 the Trump-era OFCCP began issuing policy changes that provide indications how the agency is changing its enforcement approach and where the agency is headed. This year the OFCCP issued nine directives that will guide the agency’s enforcement agenda and provide guidance on how the agency interacts with contractors.
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Trending Now government contracting webinar series


Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory is pleased to offer this webinar series addressing the latest hot topics in government contracting. The series will focus on timely, relevant topics and provide valuable insights, tips, and perspectives.
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