Big Changes at FEMA


In this webinar there is discussion regarding new policy guidance from FEMA, changes in hazard mitigation assistance program, effects of these changes.
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We, the People of the City of Ann Arbor, in order to secure the benefits of efficient self-government and Otherwise to promote our common welfare, do ordain and establish this charter for the government of Our City, pursuant to authority granted by the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan.


Taking Advantage of Agile while Minimizing Risk

Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Watch Dave Zubrow discuss "Taking Advantage of Agile while Minimizing Risk" at the Agile for Government Summit. The purpose of this event was to: foster better understanding of how agile software development methods are providing the basis for incremental and modular acquisition across Government, and to discuss the changing technology of modern information-intensive businesses and the implications these have for evolving Government approaches to streamlining IT. This Summit is a partnership between the AFEI ADAPT and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute.

Empowering Government Agencies with Secure Data Exchange Services

DataMotion, Inc.

Serving public sector constituents efficiently means using today’s digital technologies – cloud services, mobile devices, web portals - to make the services your agencies provide more accessible, responsive and cost-effective. But protecting information privacy and maintaining compliance can put the brakes on technology adoption even when new processes are sorely needed.

IBM Government Analytics Forum: Using Results-Based Budgeting


Wherever you are in the mission space – IT, development, program management, research or analysis – we all have one thing in common: We strive to meet mission outcomes that will transform and improve government services. But in a world of exponential change, federal agencies must continue to be innovative, agile and informed in order to make the best possible decisions to achieve results.

Going Social in Public: Introducing the GovTech Social Webcast

Government Technology

On May 12th, join Government Technology magazine ( and special guests for the first in a special series of webcasts focused exclusively on the use of social media in state and local government. Throughout the series, you will hear the latest stories, tips, tools and tactics for using social media in the public sector. These informal and entertaining webcasts will provide an opportunity for you to engage in a monthly conversation about: Latest government social media market research Social media stories from the trenches of state and local government Strategic tactics for managing your agency’s social media presence New emerging social media tools and technologies.