Brexit and the UK Economy


Here is the video from a revision webinar on the possible effects of Brexit on the UK economy.
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Secretary Jeh Johnson tells the story of nine year old Jaafar, and reminds us of the moral imperative of accepting and welcoming refugees in times of crisis, consistent with our Nation’s values.


The Politics of Payments Webinar: U.S. Legislative & Regulatory Update


Learn more about the priorities of our new Congress, the legislative measures gaining early attention, and the Trump Administration’s continued deregulatory push. Our webinar can help you draw more meaningful conclusions about the changes that could affect your business and your customers.
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HUBZone Contracting: Make the Federal Government Your Customer

U.S. Small Business Administration

During this webinar, you will learn about HUBZone contracting vehicles and regulations.
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Complying With Federal Acquisition Regulation Rules


Many companies doing business with the federal government or looking to start, don't fully understand the many rules and regulations that come with federal contracts. Many of these companies struggle to implement the proper internal controls to ensure compliance and avoid audit pitfalls. This topic helps the persons responsible for compliance to understand how to establish an internal control system for federal government contractors. The material explains the unique challenges with that come with different contract types.
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Federal Clause Flowdowns from Prime Contractor to Subcontractor Best Practices

Federal Publications Seminars

As a Federal Prime Contractor the government imposes many responsibilities on you in the management of your subcontractors. One of the most important responsibilities is to flowdown the correct federal clauses to your subcontractor. Without the proper federal clauses in your subcontracts, you as Prime may not be able to meet your Prime Contract requirements.
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