Cost Allowability in Government Contracting

Centre Law Group

When pricing US Government contracts based on cost, a contractor must identify and segregate unallowable costs, regardless of the contract type. When billing flexibly-priced contracts, unallowable costs must be excluded from all claimed cost – both direct and indirect costs. FAR Part 31, Contract cost principles and procedures proscribe the requirements for cost allowability. In this course, you will gain an understanding of FAR Part 31 applicability, record keeping requirements; and, key points associated with the each of the contract cost principles.
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Case study on building government as a platform  part of the Government Digital Strategy. Featuring John Sheridan, Head of Legislation Services, The National Archives.


Unified IT Monitoring for State & Local Governments

CA Technologies

Join Lowell Higley, Senior Principal Product Manager at CA Technologies, as he discusses how state and local governments can benefit from CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems. Discover how this lightweight and easy-to-install solution lets you:

Automating Compliance: Removing the Pain from Disclosure Management

Manually processing data is inefficient, costly and, puts a strain on people, resources and systems while causing compliance issues. For agencies in search of a better method, automation is the way to go. Enter: IBM’s Cognos Disclosure Management Solution. Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) provides agencies with a secure and scalable process automation and reporting system. Rather than endure the pain of manual information processing, IBM’s CDM gives users the ability to collect enterprise data and merge it with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment. CDM is purpose-built to transform manual processes and enhance controls for all facets of agency and operational reporting.

We The People A Foundation for Teaching the U S Constitution webinar session 5

U.S. Constitution

A 70-minute presentation by Dr. Gordon Lloyd, Senior Fellow at the Ashbrook Center, about the amendments and individual rights that make up the Bill of Rights. Using the National Online Voter File® and our patented voter targeting technology, we can target specific voter segments by party affiliation, voting frequency (including the number of primaries and general elections voted), donor history, and political geographic segments including congressional district,

Business Services Online: The Joy of Using BSO, Part 1

The United States Social Security Administration

Business Services Online (BSO) offers many internet services for businesses and employers who exchange information with Social Security. This webcast will guide you through the BSO Registration Process step-by-step and get you to a point where you will be prepared to setup and use two of BSO's most popular tools: the SSN Verification Service (SSNVS) and our Electronic Wage (W-2) Reporting suite.