Digital Government and the Digital Experience with Paul Greenberg


Walk away with insights and ideas on how a cloud-based CRM platform can transform municipality services which frequently function as the primary point of contact between government and the people and with them, the citizen-customer experience.
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Electronic government (e-government) is the use of the Internet and other digital technologies by government agencies to provide services to citizens, businesses, and other parts of government. It has developed over the past 20 years in response to the changing needs of an increasingly digital society.


The Politics of Payments Webinar: U.S. Legislative & Regulatory Update


Learn more about the priorities of our new Congress, the legislative measures gaining early attention, and the Trump Administration’s continued deregulatory push. Our webinar can help you draw more meaningful conclusions about the changes that could affect your business and your customers.
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Foreign Direct Investment Approvals in Europe and the U.S.

Mayer Brown

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) review procedures have recently been subject to essential amendments and a more rigid approach of the competent authorities in Europe and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
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Preparing for No-Deal Brexit: Customs and VAT

Open to Export

Ahead of Brexit, we look at what companies need to do to prepare themselves for likely changes at the border, including customs checks and VAT.
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What Blockchain Means for Government


There are inflated expectations and much confusion about what blockchain really means for government agencies. Despite there being significant interest in blockchain, there's modest action taken in education and government. Gartner predicts that by 2021, 5% of government entities will adopt blockchain as transparent, authoritative ledger for some official records. Through 2018, blockchain named projects are likely to deliver business value without actually using blockchain. This webinar, will dispel myths and provide clarity on how blockchain works and how it can be useful for government agencies.
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