Economic Nexus Standards in State Taxation


This live webinar is designed for accountants, CPAs, controllers, attorneys, CFOs, tax managers, finance directors, accounts payable professionals, bookkeepers and tax preparers.
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Our Nation is a moment of transition. Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.


What Blockchain Means for Government


There are inflated expectations and much confusion about what blockchain really means for government agencies. Despite there being significant interest in blockchain, there's modest action taken in education and government. Gartner predicts that by 2021, 5% of government entities will adopt blockchain as transparent, authoritative ledger for some official records. Through 2018, blockchain named projects are likely to deliver business value without actually using blockchain. This webinar, will dispel myths and provide clarity on how blockchain works and how it can be useful for government agencies.
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Goof-Proof Your Federal Grant Budgets


That’s what the Office of Management and Budget and its federal agency colleagues have to say about your federal grant budget in the uniform grant policy document, sometimes called the “Super Circular.” What they don’t say as clearly is how that budget should be prepared and supported, how it will be reviewed and approved by awarding agencies, and how it must be managed during post-award.
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Most Australians inside and outside of government don’t know about open government. They don’t understand what ‘open’ means. And importantly, why it’s a good thing, how they can get involved or what to do. Making Open is a channel dedicated to helping promote open government. A home for practical how-to stories, original and curated content from around the world, interviews with open government champions, and a platform to show what can be done.
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Lobbying Law and Political Law Compliance for Government Contractors


The power shift in the House of Representatives means government contractors can expect increased oversight especially on lobbying and political activities.
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