Federal Clause Flowdowns from Prime Contractor to Subcontractor Best Practices

Federal Publications Seminars

As a Federal Prime Contractor the government imposes many responsibilities on you in the management of your subcontractors. One of the most important responsibilities is to flowdown the correct federal clauses to your subcontractor. Without the proper federal clauses in your subcontracts, you as Prime may not be able to meet your Prime Contract requirements.
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Government systems are a trove of valuable
information, and in 2014 and 2015 alone
suffered major security breaches and
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Digital Champions and Transformers in Scottish Local Government

Digital Office - Scottish Local Government

The SLGDP Digital Skills community launched this webinar series with the aim to create a boxset of resources looking at how we develop our staff and citizens in the digital age. Each episode will include guest presenters from different councils discussing topics such as skills analysis, digital champions, future roles, cultural shift, modern learning and much much more.
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Workforce Compliance Reimagined: How Diversity and Inclusion Can Transform Gov


For the last decade, the Office of Personnel Management has crafted new guidance, with the goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in government. However, keeping in line with official policy has historically been an onerous and labor-intensive process for government human resources and training professionals. In fact, in a recent report, over 40 percent of HR folks said they spend nearly half their time managing HR compliance requirements.
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FiscalNote 2017: Mastering Uncertainty


With the 2016 election decided, the government affairs world is dealing with more uncertainty than ever before. As teams work to put together their strategy for 2017 and beyond, it is critical that they have not only all available data, but also context to make that data actionable, and tools that allow seamless collaboration for maximum efficiency.
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Employment Law for Government Contractors Yes, It s Different

Piliero Mazza

As complicated as labor and employment requirements can be, the rules for government contractors are even more intricate. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provides a roadmap for requirements that are unique to federal government contractors and includes provisions such as human trafficking prevention, service contract labor standards, sick leave, and affirmative action requirements.
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