Federal Government Spending: Less Transparency in a World of Open Data

National Priorities Project

This presentation, done in conjunction with the Association of Public Data Users, discusses the decline of federal spending data as a result of its transition from packaged government data to open government data. Specifically, the talk examines the Census Bureau's non-terminated Consolidated Federal Funds Report and USASpending.gov The presentation is about 30 minutes long, followed by a Q&A session.
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The Kent Graduate Programme aims to turn aspiring graduates into local government leaders of the future.


FISMA at Year 10: How To Ensure Continued Information Security Management at the Federal, State and Local Level


For 10 years, the requirements of FISMA have raised significant compliance and security concerns for federal agencies. For state and local governments, where budgetary concerns are matched only by ever-increasing security risks, those concerns are even greater.
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Technology Forecast 2019: What State and Local Government Technology Officials Can Expect


For this popular annual event, the NASCIO and PTI executive directors came together to provide their perspectives and commentary on the information technology priorities, trends and issues that will be impacting state and local governments for the coming year.
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Sugar reduction in the UK and the implications for labelling


Sugar reduction is a hot topic as government targets and consumer demands change. The challenge many food businesses face is the need to review their product labels to bring them in line with the redevelopment of existing lines.
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How A Trump Presidency May Impact Shareholder Activism


For this webinar, we have assembled a panel that combines experts from the political and shareholder activism arenas to discuss how a Trump administration and its policies could impact the climate for shareholder activism, the types of campaigns that activists look to pursue and the companies and industries that are targeted.
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