Finding Government Data on the Environment

North Carolina Library Association

Presenter Ann Marshall has eleven years of experience as an academic librarian and was most recently the subject liaison to the political science department at the University of Rochester. She has provided computer training and support to upstate rural public libraries as part of a Gates Foundation grant. She is co-author of “What an Experience: Library Staff Participation in Ethnographic Research” and is a former Chair of the Law and Political Science Section (LPSS) of ACRL.
Interest in sustainability has grown exponentially at colleges and universities, such that a 2009 New York Times articles announced, “Sustainability Field Booms on Campus,” noting growth at both liberal arts institutions and at community colleges. This session focuses on finding governmental data relevant to research on sustainability, and will examine tools provided by agencies such as the EPA, Department of Energy, and some selected international sources. In addition, the session will suggest strategies for answering a data question, especially when its unclear where to begin or when other sources have been exhausted. The session is offered by Ann Marshall, a former political science librarian at the University of Rochester.

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President Donald J. Trump Participates in the swearing-in ceremony for the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie – in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington DC. USA.


Landmark Supreme Court CasesL Marbury v Madison

Teaching American History

The 1803 case that historians and political scientist point to as the origin of the USSC's assertion of the power of judicial review and sole power to be the final decider of what the Constitution actually means. This 75- minute panel discussion between scholars was attended by a live audience of 140 teachers from across the country, posing questions about the historical, political, legal, and constitutional importance of this key case.

Shared Services for Government


The government has rolled out 7 shared services initiatives in the past 4 years, along with sequestration and budget cuts, shared services is now a strategy organization must execute. Shared Services for Government is an online event that will emphasize how to use shared services to reduce excess spending and meet federal guidelines. Learn from industry experts from NASA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Education and more as they discuss everything you need to know about shared services.

Managing a State Government Affairs Department On-Demand Webinars


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