From Sea to Shining Sea: Connected Government at Work


Whether to open government for greater transparency, secure Federal buildings. Networks and IoT, or improve healthcare delivery, public sector technologists have staggering workloads. Regardless of the mission, modernizing entries operations are a first step in enabling the connected government.
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Tom Tidwell grew up in Boise, Idaho, and graduated from Washington State University. He has spent 32 years with the Forest Service in a variety of positions.



National Conference of State Legislatures

If it feels like your state just finished redistricting, the 2020 census is right around the corner. This term the Supreme Court was busy deciding redistricting cases that came out of the last census. These cases will impact the next set of maps your state draws. NCSL and the State and Local Legal Center have joined forces to organize a webinar focusing on the four redistricting cases the Supreme Court decided this term. The free webinar will be conducted at noon ET on Tuesday, July 12. The webinar will of course cover Evenwel v. Abbott, which wasn’t just the biggest redistricting case of the term—it was one of the biggest cases of the entire term. The Supreme Court unanimously preserved the status quo allowing states to apportion districts to meet the requirement of one-person, one-vote based on total population (including non-voters such as undocumented persons and children).

Webinar: NAGPRA's Application to State and Local Governments

National NAGPRA Program

Under NAGPRA, any institution that “receives Federal funds” and has “possession” or “control” of “cultural items” must comply with the requirements of this law. State and local government institutions might not be aware that when State or local law gives them the authority to take discretionary actions with respect to NAGPRA cultural items, they have an interest in the cultural items sufficient to permit them to lawfully treat the human remains as part of a holding or collection for purposes of NAGPRA and its implementing regulations.

Amending Tax Return Errors and Misstatements


This live webinar is designed for accountants, CFOs, controllers, accounts payable professionals, tax managers, presidents, vice presidents, bookkeepers and enrolled agents.

Supporting the Warfighter

Defense One

Maintaining a fully manned and dynamic workforce is a key component of military readiness. While much of the force readiness conversation is focused on the warfighters themselves, equally important is developing and sustaining a diverse group of civilian talent to provide the military with the infrastructure to accomplish its missions. The future force will require expertise in technology, acquisition management, testing and evaluation, logistics and other skilled applications to support wartime operations, emergency preparedness and humanitarian missions.