Go Green with Sustainability Dashboards


As the environment increasingly becomes a greater concern for citizens, more and more local governments and non-government organizations are using open data to measure sustainability efforts and resource consumption. The forefront of this work is occurring in more remote areas, where groups such as Hawai’i Green Growth and the Micronesia Challenge use open-data-fueled dashboards to both track sustainability efforts and educate global citizens about environmental issues.
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The section focuses on charitable giving, including changes in donation rates and in the amounts given by Canadians of all ages


FDA Basics Webinar: Practice the art of sun protection


Spending time in the sun increases the risk of sunburn, skin cancer, and early skin aging. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s risk for sun-related skin damage. Sunscreens provide one option for preventing sunburn, and certain sunscreens can also help to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature sun-related skin aging when used as directed. Because sunscreens are approved by FDA for these important sun-protection indications, they are regulated as drug products in the United States..

Understanding the Census of Government: 2nd Largest Industry in the U.S.


To understand a government you need to understand the context in which a government operates. This workshop will review the Census of Governments and other U.S. Government related resources that will help you understand the structure of governments; details on revenues and expenditures, capital outlay, outstanding debt, public employment, education, and public sector retirement; and monitor the fiscal strength of special districts, school districts, local, and state governments.

We The People: A Foundation for Teaching the U.S. Constitution webinar Session 4

U.S. Constitution

Session 4 of the joint TAH.org-Center for Civic Education's We The People program webinar series, hosted by Dr. Gordon Lloyd.


Center for Sustainable Energy

Learn how Yolo County overcame obstacles to financing clean energy projects, zeroed out their energy bills and generated millions of dollars of revenue through electricity sales. Webinar Subjects Clean energy financing mechanisms. Reducing financing barriers. Facilitating adoption of clean. energy projects. PACE – property assessed clean energy financing Target Audience.