GSA Federal Supply Schedule Proposal Development webinar


Their are three main components of a GSA Federal Supply Schedule proposal effort: Administrative, Technical, and Pricing Your proposal must be in response to the appropriate solicitation that matches the GSA Federal Supply Schedule you’ve determined most reflects the products or services you want to supply to Federal government agencies.
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Zebra Mussel pose a big problem for water supplies and the City of Aurora Colorado wants to keep them out!


Online Permitting - a Shining Light for Solar Growth: Solar Hot-Spot San Diego County Deploys Thousands of Megawatts of Renewable Energy

Government Technology

Government permitting processes do not need to be complicated, frustrating or time consuming. San Diego County, with a top nationwide ranking for rooftop solar installations, has proven that common sense relationships with solar installers and residents, coupled with simplified permitting processes and online technology can lead to explosive solar growth and adoption. Applied to all residential and small solar applications, the County’s online permitting process benefits both citizens and government employees by cutting down on paperwork and reducing time and cost from initial request to issuance of final permits.

Why Information Governance and the Legal Function Belong Together

NALA - The Paralegal Association

The recent revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were enacted to address the issues of over preservation and the ever growing volumes of data most all companies have. At the same time, data breaches and increased regulatory scrutiny have caused greater involvement in information governance practices by in-house and outside counsel. To help you make the most of this collaboration between records and legal, this session will focus on the forces causing the convergence, future trends, and practical steps you can take to get the best impact for you and your organization. In addition, you’ll leave with tips and advice from practitioners around the country on how they have succeeded where others have failed. Whether you’re in-house or at a law firm, in eDiscovery or corporate law, you will gain valuable knowledge on this important topic.

Government Affairs: What to Expect in 2018 Webinar


With the beginning of every year comes a brand new slate of issues for government affairs professionals to grapple with and find new opportunities during times of uncertainty. FiscalNote hosts a webinar led by Former Deputy Secretary of Labor, Chris Lu, Senior Advisor for Federal Public Affairs at McGuireWoods, Michael Drobac, and Senior Policy Consultant for FiscalNote, Will Raphaelson, designed to show professionals involved in government affairs what the top predictions and trends ahead will be for 2018 and beyond.

Social Security, SSI, and Medicare - What you need to know about these vital programs in ASL

The United States Social Security Administration

Social Security presents a video in American Sign Language with essential information to help you understand the benefits offered under our Retirement, Disability, Survivors, Medicare and Supplemental Security Income programs. We hope you find the information provided in the video useful.