Guidelines and Considerations When Terminating Government Contracts


Terminations are the not-so-happy endings to construction contracts. A termination occurs when the owner decides to stop a project before it is complete. This is a right that lies solely with the owner unless otherwise specified in the contract - at best, a contractor can abandon a contract if the owner breaches it.
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Indirect Cost Recovery for Local Government Grantees

Federal Fund Management Advisor

When the U.S. Office of Management and Budget rolled out its major federal grants reform initiative a couple years ago, it sought to consolidate and sensibly harmonize multiple sets of diverse administrative and cost requirements applicable to different kinds of award performers — colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, and state and local governments. The resulting “Super Circular” (2 CFR 200) largely achieved OMB’s objectives, except in the case of procedures for developing, presenting and negotiating rates for recovery of indirect costs.
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CEO Brief: Policy, Strategy and Trends in Local Government Law


LLG free Chief Executive update webinar provides an essential round-up of current issues in the local authority legal world. The webinar will look at what's going on in local government, legal reform, recent cases of interest, Brexit, news from the Local Government Association and the Local Government Ombudsman, thinking around policy including details of any Government consultations, plus an overview of what's in the press.
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FCC Disaster Preparedness: State & Local Government Officials

The FCC State

The FCC State and Local Government Webinar on Disaster Preparedness features an insightful presentation by Chris Anderson, Chief, Operations and Emergency Management Division, FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.
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Get Insights from Data Faster with Cloud Computing

State and local governments have access to a wealth of data, yet many agencies are still starved for valuable insights. Gaining insights from data can be a lengthy process – it requires a thorough understanding of and speedy access to data, the ability to analyze data and a method to present findings for further consumption. This process has been coined as ‘time to insight.’ As more agencies seek to leverage data, many are aiming to reduce the time this process takes. By treating data like software – ensuring it’s discoverable, accessible through an API, accretive and explainable – with cloud computing, agencies can make the data fast and gain faster insights to make better-informed decisions.
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