Improve Engagement With Your Open Data Policy


While Edmonton, Alberta has long been an innovator in open data, launching initiatives such as a Citizen Dashboard in 2012, the city continues pursuing improved citizen engagement and increased government transparency. To that end the Edmonton city council approved the Open City Initiative, an open data policy designed to promote inclusiveness, innovation, transparency, and collaboration. In a recent blog post The Center for Open Data Enterprise recognized Edmonton as a “leader in open data cities”.
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President Trump makes the second of two sets of remarks to commemorate Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.


Responding to the Impacts of the Federal Government Shutdown

Funders Network

We are assembling donors to examine the effects of the federal government shutdown on federal government workers as well as many of the most vulnerable in our society–including those who rely on federal food assistance and other government programs to help them make ends meet. This webinar will explore both near- and longer-term impacts of the shutdown and address how philanthropy can help.
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An Insider’s View of Government Cloud

Bloomberg Government

Now more than six months since the White House released its governmentwide cloud strategy, ‘Cloud Smart,’ federal agencies are finding new ways to support their journeys to the cloud, generate cost savings, and improve security. Fortunately, agencies aren’t on their own, with agencies like the General Services Administration working to develop shared services and best practices to support cloud adoption.
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Sugar reduction in the UK and the implications for labelling


Sugar reduction is a hot topic as government targets and consumer demands change. The challenge many food businesses face is the need to review their product labels to bring them in line with the redevelopment of existing lines.
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U.S. State Data Protection Law Roundup for 2018


While the debate rages in Washington, D.C. as to what a federal data protection statute should look like, U.S. states have led the way advancing the privacy and security of the personal data of their respective residents. In fact, over the last 12 months, at least 10 states have promulgated such protections, and each has something unique to challenge data protection professionals.
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