Improve Engagement With Your Open Data Policy


While Edmonton, Alberta has long been an innovator in open data, launching initiatives such as a Citizen Dashboard in 2012, the city continues pursuing improved citizen engagement and increased government transparency. To that end the Edmonton city council approved the Open City Initiative, an open data policy designed to promote inclusiveness, innovation, transparency, and collaboration. In a recent blog post The Center for Open Data Enterprise recognized Edmonton as a “leader in open data cities”.
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President Donald Trump shares Fourth of July message - President Donald Trump Weekly Address to the Nation.


Social Security 101: What's in it for me?

The United States Social Security Administration

Are you a college student or young worker getting started on your career? Curious what that FICA tax is that comes out of your paycheck? Want to know how Social Security can help young people? Are you looking for tips on saving and planning for your financial future?

Sales and Use Tax in Colorado


This live webinar is designed for accountants, CPAs, CFOs, controllers, accounts payable professionals, tax managers, presidents, vice presidents, bookkeepers and tax preparers.

Common Control - Why US Federal Government is Mandating Them Before Audit - Webinar


Common controls are the only way to integrate new federal standards with the existing federal and state laws your organization must follow .This webinar training will explain how to efficiently manage complex compliance requirements by creating customized control sets. It will discuss what harmonization of compliance across multiple regulations, standards and frameworks looks like. The instructor will explain how to understand and clarify overlaps and conflicts between documents in your regulatory requirements.

Vote Cyber! Modern Day Threats to Democracy


The US election and its voting infrastructure are under attack. The result is ugly and shows the extent to which we need to plan for and protect against the influence of cyber-related attacks on US elections in future. In this brief discussion, Simon Crosby, CTO of Bromium will review the underpinnings of Democracy, and how we might defend it when it is in everyone’s interest to subvert it.