Large Scale Development Culture Change: Google and the US Government


In this video, Mike Bland, will summarize the organizational and psychological obstacles to driving adoption of automated testing at Google, the strategies and tactics they employed to overcome them over the course of five years, and map these experiences to the current state of affairs within the Federal government as he currently understands them.
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A package of six research reports have been published today to inform the Scottish Government’s position on whether or not to allow any Unconventional Oil and Gas (UOG) development in Scotland.


Best Practices for Digital Signage in Government


Hughes is an industry leader in managed network and digital media solutions, with a focus on the government and educational sectors. This webinar will take a deep look at some best practices to consider and employ when evaluating digital signage for government agencies.
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Internal audit’s role in Tribal Government transformation


Tribal governments operate in a challenging environment. Not only are they involved in public service delivery – health, safety, housing, education – but there is also responsibility for economic development, business operations and oversight. To ensure a bright future, Tribal governments are consistently making strategic decisions, executing large projects, and making significant budget decisions.
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How to Fast Track Your £10k Government Backed Funding


A Smarta Start Up Loans business webinar with Smarta's head of Marketing Nima Kafai and Austin Blaylock, founder of Bluestack Digital.
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Federal Communications Commission Rules for Calling or Texting Cell Phones


New Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules for calling and texting cell phones became effective in October 2013. With many U.S. companies still relying on telephone-based contact to reach customers, this on-demand webinar will focus on all the details you need to know about plan calling and texting programs to the ever-increasing volume of wireless numbers.
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