Managing an Incident; No Room for Democracy

Glen Abbot Ltd

This presentation will give clear and practical advice on how to run an incident, what to make sure your Incident Management plan covers and how to pick your team. Based on real life experience and with clear advice and guidance this will give you a real insight into this critical area of Business Continuity.
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State and local governments (SLGs) have invested in hardware and software, often for specific functions within their operations. After years of austerity, they’re seeing small budget increases. But they continue working hard to do more with existing technology.


Manage government programs with Project Online: Focus State and Local Government


For state and local government State and local government agencies are currently undergoing massive transformation programs that will fundamentally change the shape of their organizations.

Data Analytics: How HHS Agencies Can Improve Service and Accountability

Agency for Healthcare Admininstration

Please join Governing for a timely webinar detailing the benefits of deploying agile analytical technology to drive decision making. The e.Republic team will share the recent survey results and recommendations for how Health & Human Services (HHS) agency staff can best use technology for data-driven results. Hear firsthand how the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is successfully deploying agile analytical technology. The expert speakers will describe their experience with and recommendations for upgraded systems that when implemented will:

Making Stone Soup: Building Healthy Small Businesses Without Breaking Your Staff or Your Budget


This live webinar is designed for city managers and administrators, municipal officials, community and economic development planners, board members, executive directors, CFOs, controllers, finance managers and attorneys.

Optimize Your Parking Assets to Boost Revenue


This live webinar is designed for state, county and municipal officials, city managers, board members, controllers, accountants and attorneys.