Open Innovation in Scottish Local Government

Digital Office - Scottish Local Government

Future webinars will explore their experiences in more depth and introduce examples of challenges undertaken by other Councils in Scotland.
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Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo remarks at United Against Nuclear Iran’s 2019 Iran Summit, at the Palace Hotel, in New York City, September 25, 2019.


Building a Data-Centric Architecture for the Future of Government


Amidst the changing tech landscape, data is and will remain one of the most valuable resources for the public sector. In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on IT modernization and digital transformation across government - from the President’s Management Agenda to the establishment of the IT Modernization Centers of Excellence. But transformation is only possible when an organization’s data is protected, shared, accessed, tapped, and applied effectively and efficiently.
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GDPR: An Overview For Public Sector Communicators


The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new legal framework in the EU and UK for processing citizens’ data that will apply from 25 May 2018. Public sector communicators are scrambling to understand the implications that GDPR will have on their day-to-day operations.
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What Makes Local Government an Enticing Cyber Target


State government, local government, and education institutions alike are prime targets for cyber criminals in search of highly valuable taxpayer and student data. Gain critical insights into this global threat landscape and understand how to safeguard organizations like yours from becoming the next breach headline.
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FCC Disaster Preparedness: State & Local Government Officials

The FCC State

The FCC State and Local Government Webinar on Disaster Preparedness features an insightful presentation by Chris Anderson, Chief, Operations and Emergency Management Division, FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.
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