Preparing for Exponential Government: A Briefing for Companies on Where States & Localities are Going

Government Technology

Help guide your government customers into an exponential future. Like the Internet before it, exponential technologies are disrupting markets and organizations – including states and localities. Changes underway and accelerating will dramatically impact how the public sector sets policy, buys products and delivers services. Exponential technologies open exciting new ways for government to serve citizens, but also pose big challenges for public leaders.
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Although we can do a lot to clean up pollution after it's in the environment, preventing pollution in the first place is even better. Learn what you can do to protect the environment in your home, workplace, and community.




A Government Contractor’s success revolves around opportunities – finding them, managing them and winning them. What if there was a way to better manage your opportunities so you could win more projects and accelerate productivity? Could your business win more and grow faster? Watch now to see how Deltek CRM can enable your GovCon business firm to win more!

Future-Proofing Government: Staying Ahead of Big Data by Modernizing Your Storage Infrastructure

Government Technology

Government agencies need to find a solution to a problem that shows no signs of slowing: exponential data growth. Storing, managing and processing growing volumes of data is not only cost prohibitive, but largely unfeasible as many government data centers are simply out of space. To tackle these challenges, IT organizations need a strategy that eliminates sunk costs, reduces maintenance burden and leverages the efficiencies of modern storage.

University Patent Licensing and Enforcement

McKool Smith

Patent litigation and trials present unique challenges and opportunities for universities and other academic institutions. The panel will discuss these unique circumstances in depth, including national data on university patent litigation, effective university trial themes, PTAB validity challenges, university standing in patent infringement litigation, the assignment versus license of patent rights, and the enforcement of running royalty provisions. In addition, the panel will give an overview of successful enforcement actions brought by prominent academic institutions in federal court and the ITC, and provide the trial lawyer's perspective regarding what made these actions successful.

PTSD Screening, Assessment and Treatment in Juvenile Justice Programs


An overview for administrators, supervisors, and clinicians working in the juvenile justice system of the prevalence and impact on youth in the system of their often extensive past exposure to traumatic stressors, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and a wide range of other trauma-related emotional and behavioral problems. Evidence-based methods and instruments for screening and assessment of youths’ trauma histories and traumatic stress difficulties will be described, with discussion of the potential barriers and precautions to safely conducting screening and assessment. Evidence-based interventions for youths’ traumatic stress problems also will be described, with a detailed presentation of an intervention that does not require trauma memory processing and has been shown to be effective with justice-involved youth in secure placements and in community court-ordered programs, the TARGET model.