South Carolina Government Bit by Bit: Trade and Transportation

South Carolina State Library

webinar recording: Explore the South Carolina state government agencies involved in maintaining our state's important trade and transportation network.
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This briefing summarises the tax and spending plans contained within the Scottish Government’s Draft Budget 2017-18.



Barnes & Thornburg LLP

For those of us who live in the intellectual property world, this was a U.S. Supreme Court session that made us sit up and take notice. It seemed that lower courts couldn’t get a break when it came to intellectual property cases. This fascinating term included an unprecedented number of reversals on IP cases and important clarifications based on new technology. May the force be with us, as the effects of the Supreme Court’s ambitious rulings surely will shape the future. Join us for a comprehensive overview of the cases and an analysis of how the Supreme Court’s decisions will affect the intellectual property landscape.
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FDA Basics Webinar, June 17, 2013: Biological Products: Part 1


Many of today’s important medications are biological products, generally derived from living material from humans, animals, or microorganisms. These products treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, low white blood cell counts, inflammatory bowel disease, and various forms of cancer. Unlike other drugs known as small molecule drugs, biological products are generally highly complex in structure.
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Make Strategic Decisions with Performance-Based Budgets in the Government Sector


This live webinar is designed for economic development agency officials, attorneys, developers, controllers, CFOs, CPAs and other government officials.
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Let's get back to the basics


Recent cases have highlighted some basic issues related to regulations impacting companies performing contracts with the US Government. It is important that contractors consider the issues highlighted by these cases when dealing with their regulators. Please join Deloitte and Mr. Steven Masiello of Dentons for a webinar to discuss these cases and how they may impact contractors.
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