StateScoop Webinar: Transforming Government with Digital Service Innovation


With citizens continuing to clamor for better and more responsive interactions with their government, state and local agencies are looking to digital transformation as a way to change the way they do business. While some agencies are taking the leap forward and transforming government with digital services, others are stifled by legacy technology and hindered by information siloes.
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At Social Security, we're always working to make it easier for you to access our many services. Appealing a decision about your eligibility for disability benefits is now easier than ever- and entirely online.


Encryption Under Attack: Government vs Privacy

"Animosity towards encryption is growing from certain sectors of government, as recent controversial public statements make clear. But encryption, security advocates insist, is vital in securing virtual assets and ensuring privacy. Furthermore, the business implications of a restriction on secure methods of communication (as the likes of UK PM David Cameron advocate) would no doubt be negative. New encryption technologies are constantly being developed – and this aspect of the security market is buoyant and highly relevant. Attacks on encryption stands contrary to the approach that the tech industry has advocated in the post-Snowden world. Indeed, not only do many tech and security commentators decry governments’ attacks on encryption, they also question the practicability of banning technologies that facilitate encrypted comms."

Smoothing the Transition to Retirement

federal employees can do to make the most of their retirement. This viewcast will focus on understanding the balancing act between federal retirement benefits, Social Security, Insurance and the Thrift Savings Plan. It also will clear up common misperceptions about planning for retirement involving such issues as taxes, long-term care planning, survivor benefits and Medicare.

Managing Global Government Impact


In today’s globalized world, executives and government affairs professionals at multinational organizations have to be globally conscious at all times. Policy changes in another country can have ripple effects across an organization with operations in that country.

The Route Fifty Navigator Awards: A Look at Top Leaders and Innovators

Route Fifty

Route Fifty recently launched the Navigator Awards program honoring individuals and teams across state, county, and municipal governments who have demonstrated the ability to implement innovative ideas to solve problems and improve public sector services in the communities they serve. We'll sit down with key thought leaders to give a sneak peek into the process of choosing the Navigator Award finalists over five different categories. In addition to detailing the award categories, we'll discuss the qualities that make these leaders or teams so successful in driving change and innovation.