The False Claims Act: Recent Trends and Hot Topics


Since 2016, courts and government contractors have grappled with the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Universal Health Services, Inc. United States ex rel. Escobar regarding the interpretation of the False Claims Act (FCA). Simultaneously, the Department of Justice has released several different, sometimes contradictory memoranda regarding the enforcement of the FCA, while continuing to collect billions of dollars each year from settlements with government contractors who violate the FCA.
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Congress is a stand-off over a funding bill that includes a provision that would DEfund ObamaCare... but what's really behind these issues?


Roadmap for City Food Sector Innovation and Investment Webinar –

City of San Diego

Local governments are increasingly interested in developing their local food systems to realize both local economic and job creation benefits and also public health, environmental and social benefits. But where and how to invest are often challenging questions for cities to answer.

California Water Rights Sales and Transfers


This live webinar is designed for attorneys, presidents, vice presidents, engineers, hydrology professionals, project managers, environmental professionals, planning and zoning officials, government and municipal administrators, public works directors, co

Protecting State & Local Governments from Critical Cyber Threats


State, county and municipal governments are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and cyberattacks, which rank among the top risks facing governmental entities. This complimentary, government-focused webinar aims to help you make sense of the bewildering landscape of top cyber threats. Our cybersecurity advisors will explain the motivations and tactics of hackers, how their methods have evolved over time and how they successfully prey on human behavior, complexity and social tendencies. Backed by this understanding, you’ll learn best practices that can help protect your organization through a smart blend of controls, technologies and cultural changes.

Supporting the Warfighter

Defense One

Maintaining a fully manned and dynamic workforce is a key component of military readiness. While much of the force readiness conversation is focused on the warfighters themselves, equally important is developing and sustaining a diverse group of civilian talent to provide the military with the infrastructure to accomplish its missions. The future force will require expertise in technology, acquisition management, testing and evaluation, logistics and other skilled applications to support wartime operations, emergency preparedness and humanitarian missions.