Use Tax: The Hidden Danger in Invoices


This live webinar is designed for accountants, CFOs, controllers, accounts payable professionals, tax managers, presidents, vice presidents, bookkeepers, tax preparers and attorneys.
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Karina Homme, Senior Director, Microsoft Azure Government, and Vishwas Lele, CTO, AIS and Microsoft MVP kicks-off the August 2019 "Mastering cloud governance & management for gov" Azure Government meetup in Washington DC.


Transforming The Citizens’ Digital Experience in Government


The President’s Management Agenda is a multi-generational vision for reform that brings to government customers a customer experience that compares to or exceeds that of leading private sector organizations.
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2019 Election Preparation Webinar

Wisconsin Elections Commission

Spring elections are right around the corner and this webinar will provide users with information on what and how to prepare for upcoming elections in WisVote. Topics will include basic election set-up tasks such as election plans, polling places, contests and candidates. We will also touch on frequently questioned topics including Reg List Alerts, Ineligible Voter List and DMV checks. Materials for the webinar will be posted today.
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Brexit Webinar Series – What’s next for EU & UK science and education?


UK time we will host the third instalment of our Brexit Webinar series. We will discuss the latest developments, including the Withdrawal Agreement the EU and UK agreed on this week. Hopefully, the agreement will be agreed on by the UK Parliament, but in case the progress does not go as planned, we will start discussing contingency planning and what institutions in the UK and EU can do to prepare.
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What Blockchain Means for Government


There are inflated expectations and much confusion about what blockchain really means for government agencies. Despite there being significant interest in blockchain, there's modest action taken in education and government. Gartner predicts that by 2021, 5% of government entities will adopt blockchain as transparent, authoritative ledger for some official records. Through 2018, blockchain named projects are likely to deliver business value without actually using blockchain. This webinar, will dispel myths and provide clarity on how blockchain works and how it can be useful for government agencies.
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