Volkswagen Investor Settlement Foundation

Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP

The Foundation's Chair, the Hon. Huub Willems, and its US and European counsel will discuss its strategy for recovering Volkswagen ("VW") investor losses.  VW’s admitted cheating of emissions tests caused massive declines in the prices of VW ordinary shares, American Depository Receipts ("ADRs") and VW preference shares, erasing tens of billions of dollars in investors' assets. Additionally, VW faces criminal investigations and massive civil penalties from governments around the world, and has set aside over $7.3 billion to cover the costs of the cheating scandal. The US District Court for the Northern District of California has appointed leading shareholder rights law firm Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann ("BLB&G") as sole Lead Counsel in the pending ADR securities class action case. Coextensive with BLB&G's appointment as Lead Counsel, the Firm established the Volkswagen Investor Settlement Foundation in the Netherlands under the Dutch Collective Settlement Act (the "Act") to provide a vehicle to recover damages in VW's other publicly traded securities.
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U.S. federal government agencies are required to integrate IPv6 into their network infrastructures, but the mandate does not define the required steps. The way an agency plans and executes the IPv6 integration will have long-lasting ramifications on agency operations, IT, and mission effectiveness.


Taking Datacenters and Applications to the Next Level: The Harris County Texas Story


Virtualization in the datacenter is not a new topic and almost all government organizations have implemented some type of application and desktop virtualization by now. Today, however, the pace of change is increasing and new demands on infrastructure are causing organizations to explore a new generation of hyper-converged infrastructure and cloud deployments especially for new initiatives such as Body Cams, data enter consolidation, tier-1 SQL Server databases and enterprise applications, VDI and application virtualization.

Managing Global Government Impact


In today’s globalized world, executives and government affairs professionals at multinational organizations have to be globally conscious at all times. Policy changes in another country can have ripple effects across an organization with operations in that country.

Transforming Your Organization: How to Avoid Obstacles and Reign Successful

Government Technology

Public Sector IT organizations are in the midst of a retirement trend that threatens their ability to properly staff and manage their daily operations. While cloud computing has helped relieve the burden, sometimes that is not enough.

The Art of Cyberwar: How To Become a Digital Warrior Against Advanced Threats

Government Technology

Can breaking into public sector networks be as easy as emailing it in? Unfortunately, yes. 95% of state-sponsored espionage attacks rely on email-based techniques such as phishing and spearphishing. The types and sophistication of cyber-attacks far outpace the ability of many public sector agencies to defend against them. And it’s not just email…it’s also social media and the multitude of ways the modern workforce communicates and collaborates.