Webinar | Enhanced Damages in Patent Cases After Halo v. Pulse


The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Seagate test for increased damages is not consistent with Section 284 of the Patent Act, holding that a district court has discretion to enhance damages in "egregious" cases, such as where the defendant's infringement is subjectively willful, without regard to whether the infringement was objectively reckless.
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It is now more difficult to get a complete debt discharge without a repayment plan after 2005 legislation.


Trump and the US Government Shutdown

Chatham House

From 22 December 2018 to 25 January 2019 the US government experienced the longest federal government shutdown in its history. This came as a result of a failure by both Republicans and Democrats to agree on $5.8 billion of funding for a wall at the Mexican border - a key promise made by Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. Although the 35-day standoff was eventually ended by the president by signing into law a funding package to temporarily reopen the federal government, congress have yet to broker a compromise on the border wall and the threat of another shutdown remains present.
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An Insider’s View of Government Cloud

Bloomberg Government

Now more than six months since the White House released its governmentwide cloud strategy, ‘Cloud Smart,’ federal agencies are finding new ways to support their journeys to the cloud, generate cost savings, and improve security. Fortunately, agencies aren’t on their own, with agencies like the General Services Administration working to develop shared services and best practices to support cloud adoption.
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Government Enterprise Low-Code Case Management Success Stories


Jason Adolf from Appian Public Sector and June Burr from the Vermont Agency of Transportation recently discussed how government agencies are developing innovative low-code case management systems. They showed how agencies can become better performing and continually improving organizations with the right business process management (BPM) technology, methodology, and management. Watch the webinar to see examples of efficiency gains and project returns on investment (ROI) of 50X from leading agencies.
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Building Local Government Support for Good Food

The Wallace Center at Winrock International

Local governments can be powerful partners for changing the food system. As the Good Food and local food movements continue to gain momentum and visibility, local officials are becoming more interested in how these initiatives can help their communities.
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