Webinar | Enhanced Damages in Patent Cases After Halo v. Pulse


The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Seagate test for increased damages is not consistent with Section 284 of the Patent Act, holding that a district court has discretion to enhance damages in "egregious" cases, such as where the defendant's infringement is subjectively willful, without regard to whether the infringement was objectively reckless.
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Healthy communities are diverse and inclusive. This animation explains community living and its importance for older adults, people with disabilities, and their communities.


What’s Trending in Government Contracting in 2019


Government contractors can always count on one thing from the federal government, and that is change. It can be tough for small businesses to keep tabs on changes and trends in federal procurement.

The Final “Deeming Rule” – All Tobacco Products Subject to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act


Provides an overview of the FDA’s regulatory authority over tobacco products. Includes examples of some of the newly regulated products subject to the FDA’s tobacco authority, additional restrictions for covered tobacco products, and the effective dates of the rule and compliance periods for certain provisions.

September 2014 National Quarterly Advocates Webinar

The United States Social Security Administration

This webinar is a quarterly forum for advocacy groups and other interested parties to learn about the latest Social Security news and updates—and to ask us questions, express diverse points of view, and collaborate on ways to support, enhance, and improve our programs and services. Watch the webinar for our latest updates.

Webinar: Shaping effective corporate governance in emerging markets

University of Liverpool

Join Simon Qian, a student from our LLM in Business Law programme as we discuss the one and two tier approach to corporate governance in China and how executives can contribute to the development of scaleable governance systems.