3rd Annual Critical Infrastructure Security Summit

3rd Annual Critical Infrastructure Security Summit
The 3rd Annual Critical Infrastructure Security Summit will focus on defending and creating resilient systems to protect our nation’s vital infrastructure from outside threats and other dangers. The interconnectivity and advanced capabilities that digital systems have provided to our nation’s infrastructure systems also poses an avenue of approach for America’s enemies to cripple US production and economic power without having to fire a shot.



Arkansas Digital Government Summit 2023

October 19, 2023 | USA

We are excited to co-host the 14th Annual Arkansas Digital Government Summit with Government Technology. It’s a great opportunity to build connections with peers and industry partners, hone skills, share accomplishments, and create our collective vision for success in the future. I hope you’ll be there for this valuable day of collaboration and innovation.

Workloads at the Tactical Edge Forum

February 8, 2024 | USA

Battle fields are constantly evolving and becoming ever-more digitally connected. As such, Cyber-Physical risks are more prevalent across our most critical sectors, and the threat landscape continues to expand. Moreover, Geopolitical events dictate that the only certainty is uncertainty. Against this backdrop, the United States Government and its military leaders are enhancing operational capabilities to mitigate risk spanning our complex infrastructure, particularly in remote locations. Groundbreaking technologies are enabling this effort, and specifically, the use of Kubernetes containerization technology is accelerating mission success and impact within these types of tactical environments “at the edge.” Join us for an engaging and insightful forum on how the ability to drive both the capacity and the speed at which data-driven decision-making in a zero-trust environment is reshaping and transforming the modern military landscape.

Navigate Government featuring iD.gov

November 2, 2023 | USA

Embrace the next frontier in identity security We’re taking Navigate Government to a city near you. Navigate Government featuring iD.gov is the forum for identity practitioners to get first-hand insight into “what’s next” in identity security from a government perspective.

Alabama Digital Government Summit 2023

November 13, 2023 | USA

There is immense value in collaborating and sharing ideas with our IT colleagues in the government sector throughout the State of Alabama. The Alabama Digital Government Summit provides an excellent opportunity to do just that by bringing together IT professionals from all across our state to hear from industry leaders and insiders, to promote best practices, and to network with one another. The State of Alabama Office of Information Technology is proud to continue its partnership with Government Technology to present this exciting annual conference.